• My father was murdered and the man who did it should die.

    My father was in a cafe when a stranger slit his throat from behind with a knife simply because he wanted to kill someone. This man deserves to die, and it should happen immediately and not at an absurd cost to tax payers. Every day this man continues to live is a slap in the face to my father and to my family.

    People who have never experienced anything like this should have no say in a question like this. My father's killer got life in prison and it is not justice. Justice will only be served when he is rotting in the ground.

  • Yes

    Any of you so called Christians out there? If you consider yourself one then you should know that God ordained capital punishment all throughout the good book. Look it up and see the error of your ways. Besides you want to complain about cost. Lets let these men out right in front of your house when they are granted early parole.

  • Families of victims would rather see the perpetrator dead.

    In more serious crimes, the person who commits the crime is usually sent to jail. The victim's family feels traumatized knowing that the perpetrator is still alive. In addition, they feel that housing bad guys in jail is a waste of government money. Sentencing the perpetrator to death saves the government money.

    Posted by: FeIBuddy
  • Yes

    Capitol Punishment it a appropriate consequence for murdering someone. Death penalty serves justice. Justice. If you murder anyone you deserve to be on death row because you can feel like the person you murdered . I agree with the death penalty because it makes sure violent criminals will not commit crimes again. People who serve life sentences for crimes such as murder always have the chance to kill again in prison, get let out on parole, or escape. If violent offenders knew that the punishment was death, not three meals and shelter, less crimes would happen, and there would be less of a burden on our already weak economy in the states.
    Posted By: elinua

  • Sure beats spending years at the parole board

    Here's another argument: Do you think that the victim/victim's family really wants to keep going time after time to the parole board, begging the board to not grant early parole to the criminal/criminals in question? And even with life without parole, there's always some risk of early release (such as overcrowding). The death penalty would not allow that cycle to begin, and taxpayers would have one less criminal/criminals to support with taxpayer dollars.

    I understand that the death penalty can't always be granted, but when it can be, unless there's some overriding factor (such as doubts about guilt or a botched trial), please select it and give victims, families and taxpayers closure.

  • I agree with the death penalty because it makes sure violent criminals will not commit crimes again.

    People who serve life sentences for crimes such as murder always have the chance to kill again in prison, get let out on parole, or escape. If violent offenders knew that the punishment was death, not three meals and shelter, less crimes would happen, and there would be less of a burden on our already weak economy in the states.

    Posted by: elinua
  • Murder is murder is murder, capital punishment is punishment is punishment.

    A murdered victim has been murdered, duh. In this stance, the victim did not deserve to be murdered. In capital punishment, the murderer has been convicted of a heinous crime, and a trial of his "peers" has deemed him deserving of receiving the death penalty. He has committed a crime against humanity. He deserves the death penalty because he unlawfully executed the death penalty on an innocent victim. I mean, there are anti-death extremist advocating "punishments" such as Norway's 21-year-max sentence. Really? For killing? For snuffing out a beautiful INNOCENT life of human? Really? would you give James Holmes or Adam Lanza that 21-year sentence? Really? Oh, by the way: by making our executions more and more humane, the manner of executing murderers is becoming more and more humane than the manner in which the murderer killed his victim.

  • For Capital Punishment

    Life in prison is not a worthy punishment for those guilty of violent murders. There are too many comforts nowadays. As long as there are fair juries, compelling evidence, etc. I am 100% for the death penalty. When a person takes someones life, they lose their own rights. They are subjected to whatever punishment is deemed worthy of that crime. Will life in prison ensure they will not kill again? NO. Will "life in prison" prevent a lawyer from finding a loophole to release them back in public? NO. Only the death penalty can assure that. It doesn't give victims justice? Well, It would be a start.

  • For Capital Punishment

    Life in prison is not a punishment. Not for people guilty of violent murders. They have access to way to many comforts that they do not deserve. Some adjustments on how the sentence is decided are needed. Fair juries, and only in cases with compelling evidence, for example. But when criminals kill, they lose their own rights. They are subjected to whatever punishment that crime is worthy of. In cases of heinous crimes or multiple murder is a life sentence enough? No. Will it guarantee they won't kill again? No. Only the Death Penalty can assure that.

  • It is justice.

    They deserve death penalty because they have hurt so many peoples life and they should go to jail instead of getting killed. But at the end some people don't realize what they had done to peoples life. Some people who got killed may be important to their family members and the killers who killed them don't realize that the poeple that they are killing are important to some people.

  • Capital Punishment Does nothing

    TO have them sitting in jail thinking about what they did is more of a punishment than killing them. Just killing then is taking the easy way out they want to be killed so they wont have to deal with the guilt. At least they will be fed terrible food.

  • Life is a gift from God. He gives and only He takes it away.

    Capital punishment is a legal first-degree murder committed by the state, no different than the original crime committed by the individual. Life is a gift from God. He gives it and He only takes it away. No human being has the right to take the life of another human being, including the state. Plain and simple. Life in prison without parole is even more tortuous to the individual committing the crime and a proper punishment, because the memory of the killing will haunt the murderer every night while in bed for the rest of his life.

  • No one in my family that I know of was murdered, but I know my place.

    I may not know anyone in my family that has been murdered, but I do know that killing someone isn't going to bring them back. People die all day everyday, but just when we know them, or if its a child in our country, we listen? What about the "murderer's" wife/husband and children? What about their family? Huh? Don't they have a say? Most of the time it's on accident, and yet you kill them without a second glance. Sometimes, I just doubt there is any hope left in the world.

  • my uncle got killed

    If they just kill the person that killed him it wouldn't make them suffer what i suffered if they have life without parole they would pay for all the cruelty they did to him. I dont want them just to die because if they just die they now there not going to pay for what they did.

  • You kill, so we kill you?

    The death penalty is completely inhumane; what does it teach our society's children? If they get bullied at school do parents tell them to bully back at that person? No. They tell their children to be the bigger person and to kill them with kindness. Now, I know death and school bullying are two completely different things, but they have the same concept. We as Americans say it's wrong to kill, but if someone breaks the law, we break it also and kill them back? Well sense we just broke the law too, who will kill us? Other than just killing being wrong in general, the court has put countless innocent people to death. Why is it up to a few people that the victim has never met nor talked to in charge of their fate? And if the jury talks over whether they will kill the person or not and then later tells the court that they will, premeditated murder, which is the "worst" kind?

  • Murder is always wrong.

    I have a personal belief that murder is always wrong. The most important right of a human being is the right to life. No one, even the state, has the right to take someoneĀ“s life. It's morally wrong. How can you have a law that says "If you kill, we will kill you"? Who will kill us then? It doesn't make sense to me. So many innocent people have died and will die due to the capital punishment. It's not justice. Discrimination, due to race, skin color or gender, is also common.

    By the way; the death penalty is also more expensive than life in prison without parole. All the appeals costs more money than to keep a criminal in prison. In California, for example, it cost 130 million dollars more than life in prison. Just so you know.

    Don't you think that supporting capital punishment is to say that you approve of murdering someone? Doesn't that make you a part of the murder and a criminal as well?

  • How will they learn

    My friend was murdered in his garage on a Saturday night. He was 65 years old and was shot in the chest. When the police found the man they arrested him. His wife was depressed. We felt that these criminals would never feel guilt for doing this unless they felt some pain. Killing them will end their life as well as their crimes, but this does not make they pay much for what they did. Putting them in prison for life would also keep them away from killing anyone outside prisons. They will sit there rotting away, truley paying for hat theyve done. Putting them in prison will also give them time to heal themselves. For you religious folks out there they could get a chance to repent and reconcile. They could truly feel sorry for what they did. How can anyone learn a lesson when they are dead. Woud you ever have learned to be a better person if your parents killed you if you did something bad?

  • God is our judge. No one else

    God gave us our life only God should be able to take them away. God wiill punish us when we die and he speak face to face with our Lord. No one else will ever be able to judge but my Lord so only he should be able to take a life if we do something against the law.

  • Justice cannot be served for every case

    People who commit the worst crimes deserve death penalty. However, innocent people might get sentenced to death penalty. What if you find out that the guy that was executed was an innocent man? How would you feel? This will not happen often, but it will happen. Why can't you just put the criminal on a jail for life time without parole and in isolation?

  • I don't think families feel justice with the death penalty.

    I honestly do not believe that I would feel justice unless I was the one who killed them. I know that sounds insane but its my opinion. I don't think them dying is justification for what they did since they do not feel the pain in which their victims did to the fullest.

    Posted by: LorenaH

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