• We are all the same people famous or not.

    I never have understood the concept and infatuation with celebrities. After all, they are just like the rest of us. Their should be no division of anything of anyone. We are them and they are us. There is absolutely no reason why we obsess ourselves with celebrity and fame and all that materialistic stuff when we are all the same people!!!

  • Yes. They get privacy like us.

    Famous people are just people. They are regular people. They get popular by doing something and when they sucess, they get popular. Like if you started a brand. No one knows when did it started, nor what is the brand about. But one day, you made a item and you sucessfully sold the item and got rich. People will know that your rich and think your famous. That's how people get famous. Famous people are just people like us. We need to give them privacy. They don't diserve it. They must need it.

  • Yes - But they can't expect the same level as a privacy as a 'normal' person

    I do think that famous people are entitled to a degree of privacy; ie it's wrong for the paparazzi/public to camp outside their homes, wait outside their children's schools, phone hacking, attempting to infiltrate private events such as weddings, stalking their EVERY move and so on; harassment basically. Those types of examples where people try and gain access to inherently private areas of their lives are completely unacceptable. Having said that, they cannot expect to have complete and utter privacy; for example, people will know about relationship/marriage breakdowns, they'll get their pictures taken on the street etc...That kind of behavior is something that they'll have to expect and put up with; it's all part of being famous. I really dislike the idea of people thinking that they somehow 'own' famous people too; as mentioned in some of the other comments, they're human beings like us too.

  • Famous People are also Human Beings

    Why not.? Famous people have their personal life, secrets which can't be revealed publicly like you, I, we have. So. It's not like that if you're familiar face then you need to share each and everything with anyone. Even I believe that people, media, fans should also respect their privacy.

    Generally, in India celebrities strives to do unwrap their personal life.

  • No one wants to be followed

    Who wants to be followed around by campers all day every move they make they are hum man begins are they not it is the media that kills them not us we should have the curtsy to give them some room personal space I mean take I direction for ex sample every move they make is being watched

  • Of course they deserve privacy

    Everyone deserves privacy and I believe famous people are no different. Everyone needs privacy in their lives. They need time to themselves and be able to do something that the whole world doesn't know about. The media shouldn't be spying on the famous people and they should be able to do things that they can keep to themselves.

  • Yes, Because They are People

    Famous people are people just like us. They are not some almighty beings that should be treated differently. Yes, you can admire them and ask for autographs but you have no right to invade their privacy. They deserve to have time to themselves just like anyone else. The media should lay off them.

  • Famious people need privacy

    We all deserve our own privacy this also includes the famous. Yes, they sometimes do things that don't seem to be so responsible. But they are people and people need privacy.SInce when was it everybody else's need to prive on peoples lives? We need to respect others spaces and this includes the famous as well.

  • Not until they stop being famous.

    Being famous is a job. Loss of privacy is in the job description. If they want their privacy, they should stop being famous - settle down somewhere and enjoy. Like any other job, being famous comes with both perks and drawbacks. After all, in most cases the famous person did become famous by choice.

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