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  • I think so

    Sports are great and I'm a huge fan, but at the end of the day they are just games for entertainment. Sports shouldn't ruin weeks or days for people. They also should not cause fights and riots. Fans need to take sports less seriously and realize them only for their entertainment value.

  • Fans taking sports much too seriously

    Fans nowadays are taking sports much too seriously. While sports are a great way to interact and relate to others, there is no reason to be in 10 fantasy leagues and following your favorite player around the country watching them play all the time. Sports are awesome, but in the end it's just a game.

  • I think they do

    They definitely do. Take WWE for example. Many kids watch other people wrestle and they start to wrestle with their friends, at school and they get injured. In this case parents should really control what are their kids watching. Other example is that adult people give way too much money for ticket, shirts and other stuffs...

  • They do not!

    They do not because they are just supporting and encouraging their team. I do a sport and I love it when people come early just to watch my team and wear our colours. If you don't think they should support their teams then you shouldn't like any sports teams because that would be so hypocritical!

  • No, fans do not take professional sports too seriously.

    Fans do not take professional sports too seriously. They spend money on tickets to games, and team apparel and memorabilia, therefore they are entitled to be passionate about their team(s). Sure, sometimes fans get into heated arguments, maybe even physical altercations, but that is all in the spirit of the game.

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