• it's about time!

    Having worked in the food industry, the debate surrounding minimum for fast food workers is one that deeply resonates with me. It is beyond inhumane to condemn your employees to a never ending cycle of living paycheck to paycheck, with little to no hope of upward mobility. Bills pile up and the long hours of work do little to make up for valuable hours that could be spent worrying about other pressing issues in one's life. Unfortunately, this is a sad reminder of why income inequality has become a major issue in this election cycle

  • You get what you deserve

    Working in fast food requires no education or experience. These are the types of jobs that minimum wage was created for. These jobs are for people who do not have degrees and who have no expertise. There is no reason that they should be making more than they are actually worth. If they want more money, they need to find a job that pays better.

  • No, entry level fast food employees should not be paid $15 per hour.

    Assuming the question relates to entry-level positions, raising the wage for fast food employees to $15 per hour would have the result of eliminating jobs. News accounts recently showed a chain fast food restaurant that has replaced its front-line employees with touch-screen ordering devices precisely because the cost of entry-level employees was too high. Also, entry-level positions are just that: entry-level. They are meant to provide people with their first job experiences from which they move up, not with long-term careers.

  • $15 is too much

    As someone who has suffered behind the counter of a Wendy's at one point in my life, I know all too well the plight of fast food workers. They should certainly be paid more than the minimum wage that they are currently given, I am definitely on that side of the argument. However, $15 is very unrealistic.

  • You shouldn't be paid that much.

    If you want make more than the minimum wage, then you find a better job. They chose not to either go to school or to work hard enough to get a good job. Therefore, they are now suffering the consequences. If it is a summer job or temporary thing, you shouldn't expect to make a lot of money.

  • You chose your career.

    When you go into a job at a fast food place you are well aware of what you're going to be making. And, if you would like to have a job that pays more it isn't going to be that one. Some nurses and EMTs make that salary and their jobs are pretty crucial to society, granted working in a fast food place is super trick and stressful sometimes it isn't worth of the same salary as many, many other important jobs. I also think people wouldn't even got to school to get a more sophisticated job, Because if I can make more working at a McDonald's than working in a nursing home handing out medicine, then, I'm not spending thousands of dollars on a college education. We need to keep those jobs. 7.25/7.50 IS low, and could definitely be justified if raised a little, but not to 15 dollars an hour.

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