• Fast food has made america the most obese country in the world we need to stop it

    I say it is not good for people to include fast food in their diet but to go out every once in a while is fine but to eat it every day is not good at all people are not getting outside enough they need to get out and stop sitting in their house

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  • Fast food is still unhealthy even if its cheap or fast to get -.-

    Fast foods aren't your healthiest choice. Im going to give you a serie of reasons why it so, to support answer. First, they are called fast food so they are prepared in a hurry, meaning all the food is frozen and thrown in a dirty microwave or a fryer or whatever, so no clean ovens whatsoever. Second in some fast food resturants the animals are treated very poorly theyre living codition are so small they have to live in their own feces, and they get loaded with anitibiotics and that becomes your hamburger. Thrid some chicken at some fast food contain a chemical called tertiory butylhydroquin witch is used as a antioxidant witch contaipetroleum (yup the stuff used for your cars ) Pretty gross right. The kist goes on and on but I'm going to finish by saying we all eaten at a fast food and we can all say we have never received on of those perfect burgers they show us on TV we always get those old lettuce or green tomatoes ? Yah that's because they buy the cheapest veggies to put in our food. Now I understand all of you are saying that's its a fast way and cheap way of getting food but its not healthy even if you dont consume it daily.

  • A huge grub is banging me to death

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  • Its just fat and sugar in disguise

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  • Fast food deaths

    Fast food restaurants food has 755 calories many, 102 g of carbs and a large amount of grease that can cause deaths. If you were to guess how many people how many do you think die each year... If you guessed 310,000 to 580,000 your correct. That is how many people have died, so if you think you are O.K. Eating fast food is OK all the time or at-least often its not so think about that. Do you want to be the next to die. You never now so think twice next time you want to eat fast food.

  • It may taste good but is it good?

    This is a point of view I went trough, my family decided to eat fast food for a month straight, me being skinny and having a fast metabolism I gained a couple of pounds within in that month, I gained more weight when I eat home cooked meals so is it good for you?

  • They are terrible

    Fast food restraunts are really unhealthy. They have added different things in the food to make it taste better when it just makes it less healthy. The other reason is that the employees don't get paid that much for how long they work. Employees should be respected more as well.

  • It is good for a lot of busy people and at least 70% of the world, people are busy.

    It is good, because lets say, your a very very very busy person and your in a huge rush to... I don't know, maybe the first day of work for you and you are starving, you haven't eaten food for 2 days. Wouldn't you go to a fast food place to get the food fast and eat it fast so u can be at work on time?!?!?!?!?

  • The Ingredients That go Into it?

    Well there are many unhealthy ingredients that go into the food. Some fast food places used to put in pink slime into their food. Even though that was a long time ago, who knows, maybe they still put it in. They still put in Carminic Acid which is A.K.A Beetle juice. That is just really disgusting and unsanitary. The Carminic Acid is used for the red dye , to make the meat look fresh. But who knows maybe they found the meat in the dumpster.

  • Cheap and reliable

    If I am in a rush and I need rice very very fast what do I do? The only thing to do is to go to a fast food restaurant and buy the food which makes it very very easy and fast for me some of you you that say it does harm don't you eat it

  • Fast food as a curse

    Fast food are seen to be curse not boon these may harmful our body it is very dangerous for our body the increasing of fast food and mushrooming of fast food in every corner of the city also increases the population of fast food eaters these food are also known as junk food

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  • Eat "Good" die fast

    Study show that if people eat more fast food they die faster then the less then the less time you have to live . People that eat less fast food die slower . If you want to live more eat healthyer and that is what i do my name is BUBBLEBANDIT LOVE YALL BYEEEEEEEE READ THIS SF YOU WANT THIS

  • No it unhealthy

    Its unhealthy because they fried that chinken and that is not good at all and what i think it do look good but it gain you fats because it just not right for you T BECAUSE ITit just worse for your body my name is ashaureah follow me on instagram it_me_ashaureah

  • Fast foods are not Junk foods

    Fast food saves time.
    Fast food is cheaper than having to go and get all of the ingredients to the product that your going to make why do they call it fast foods in the first place? Fast foods are foods that are prepared in a short amount of time, like a few minutes there is a major difference between fast foods and junk foods. Junk foods are foods that are fatty, fried and cooked in oil. Yes, junk foods are bad for your health, but fast foods... Not necessarily.

  • Pays of government dept

    If fast food restaurants payed the government 10% of they're profit every year, the United States government could pay off their debt in at least three years. That means that the profit made by fast food companies is so big that they could make millions of jobs for the homeless by opening new branches.

  • Cheap, fast, easy

    If I'm in a hurry and I don't have to time make a meal and I want to just go grab a cheese burger real fast than so what. This is not an issue on fast food its about watching how much you eat its not the foods fault that your fat its your fault that you eat too much and don't exercise.

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