• Won't highly affect unemployment

    Australia's minimum wage is $17.69. They are able to get by with 6.4% unemployment. Some things are more expensive, while other things are cheaper. I think what would benefit most, however, is creating codetermination as they have in Germany and Scandinavian countries. Rather than relying on strikes (which is hard with fast food), employees have employee representatives on the board of directors (half of them), the other half are traditional shareholder representatives. This allows both sides to negotiate how much the company can afford and how much the people deserve.

  • I agree because

    For the last few decades we have seen that the rate of pay for the average worker in all jobs plateau but their has recently been an increase of 1% for a workers income. But 1% is not enough when we see that rent throughout American has inclined by 7%. How is it possible to survive on the absolute minimum of waged slavery? It is increasing becoming more impossible. In Georgia, 1 in 5 rented properties have been served an eviction notice. We must seek an higher minimum wage in all work places in order to keep up with the cost of living. Is it just to believe that the CEO earning 380 times more than the average worker. The CEO's is generated by the labour of their workers so therefore they are definitely over deserving of an overdue pay increase albeit a slight one. The best way to improve the lives of all workers is to abolish Capitalism and use the mass movements of conscience workers to set up a Socialist Workers State.

  • Fast food workers deserve an increased wage.

    I would agree that fast food workers deserve an increased wage, because the minimum wage should be raised to better match the increased cost of living. I do not know the exact wage a fast food worker should earn, but of all the minimum wage jobs, working in fast food is one of the most unpleasant and therefore worthy of compensation.

  • The disavantages of a High fast food wage.

    Fast food jobs are supposed to be low paid jobs for a reason, there's no true talent required to perform well in this job. You don't need a college degree, or even a High School diploma to qualify for this job. In reality, there's really not enough jobs these fast food workers could perform to warrant such a high paying salary. If company's were to pay such a high salary to there lowest ranked workers, the loss of profit would be astronomical, and the company would have to pull money from other sources to balance out everything. This would cause the company to lack in some other areas, which, in the long run is not good. In the end, I believe these workers (in general) don't do enough to warrant such a high paying salary.

  • Fast food workers deserve $15

    Being a fast food worker is a hard job, it is a tiring on your feet job with very long hours. Also it is a job where you have to deal with a lot of impatient and often rowdy customers which makes it that much harder. Therefore I think they do deserve a $15 wage.

  • All people deserve to have a good wage.

    As many other people like me have said, you cannot live on the current federal minimum wage which is $7.25.No one can live on that.If people had a small wage,then they might be able to move up in the world via.Education.Sometimes people do not have a choice but to work minimum wage.

  • If this is the case, why am I working hard?

    If fast food workers will earn $15.00 an hour, then I am going to quit my job and work at McDonalds. Why did I go to secondary school to basically sit in an office all day, running a company for $15.00 an hour (yep, office workers are paid that) when I can easily make food and say, "you want fries with that"? I would much rather have an easy job, and yes, it's easy work, I have done it thru college and worked in the busy as a second job so I could pay off my education debts quicker, then work in a demanding environment where I am paid the same wage. If you want socialism, move out of the USA, this a a capitalist country!

  • What has society come to

    If this is even a question? I have worked at walmart, papa johns, conoco, etc. And yes, I hated them all, they were all overworked and under-paid. But the amount of compensation you receive should not be based on how much your back hurts at the end of the day, it should be based on the value of your contribution to society. If the best skill you have to offer to society is something that literally everyone else can offer, you don't "deserve" anything. Although I am grateful to Papa Johns for working around my college schedule, I could not wait to finish college and get a better job. Now I have a degree and am doing much more to benefit society than I ever was by delivering pizzas to people's door steps, and because of it I make much more money than I did then.

    I agree with the other poster in this column. If you raise minimum wage, fast food costs sky-rocket, business goes down, jobs will be lost.

    If you are trying to support a family of 9 off of a McDonald's wage, you need to wake up to the realization that McDonald's is not responsible for your poor life choices or your unfortunate circumstances. If my pregnant wife surprisingly had quadruplets instead of 1 baby, my current salary would not be enough, but would it really be fair of me to protest my employer and demand higher wages?

    A job is a consensual agreement between employer and employee. An employee is offered a wage for a service, and can either accept or deny that offer.

  • Companies should decide how much they will pay their employees.

    And people looking for work can then try to find a company and/or job that pays its employees better. Obviously companies would have different pay for the various different jobs. This is one reason why companies shift jobs to other nations and why we lose job opportunities. What's better, not working and getting no money or working and getting some money?

  • Higher wages should be paid for higher skill levels

    Working in a fast food restaurant does not require a high level of skill, so those who work there should not be paid high wages. Jobs that do not require a great deal of skill are not meant to be career choices, but a way to earn money and gain skills that can lead to better jobs that pay higher wages. The workers that are striking should realize that many of them could be replaced by automated kiosks and machines for less than it would cost to pay them $15/hour, and since the companies they work for are in business to make money, they would likely replace them rather than pay such a high wage. Many people who do jobs that are much more difficult and important to society earn less than $15/hour, so if fast food workers were paid that wage nobody would be able to afford to buy fast food and the workers would be out of a job anyway.

  • America is a CAPITALIST country, not socialist.

    My answer to this debate is fairly straight forward. If you don't want to be paid minimum wage, don't rely on your minimum skills for a job. I work at a local pool over the summer making $8.10 an hour as a Junior in High School. Do I wish I was paid more? Yes, of course. Do I understand why I am paid minimum wage? Yes, of course. As a High School student, I have no bills or taxes to pay, besides a few minimal taxes that are taken out of each paycheck. I am not LIVING on my minimum wage job, I simply work it so I can contribute to society and have spending money as well as money saved for college. No job paying minimum wage is there so someone can live off of it. Does that happen, yes, all the time. But 95% of the time, the situation that causes someone to be relying on a job paying minimum wage is caused by their actions. If you're born poor, that isn't your fault. If you die poor, that is your fault, as said by Bill Gates. If a McDonald's Employee was paid $15 an hour, no one would be competing for jobs, or even pursuing a career in an important field such as Law Enforcement, Law, Sciences, Medical, etc.

  • It is a low effort job that almost anyone can do.

    The vast majority of minimum wage fast food jobs require no previous experience in any field. Studies have shown that more than seventy five percent of fast food workers don't have a college or even a high school diploma, and raising wages of low effort jobs like this trivialized the work of people who spend years at high school, college, and beyond and have jobs that pay less. People should not be rewarded for laziness, and these jobs are meant as a launching off point for other jobs.

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