• Some issues do not require a lot of time

    Yes, I believe that fast courts do work. Some court issues can be resolved fairly and quickly without long drawn out trails and continuous proceedings. In some cases it is waste of time and money to both the court and the defendant to move forward in the regular trails. If it can be done correctly using a different method than it be executed.

  • Fast track courts work

    Fast track courts can help alleviate an overburdened judicial system and bring resolution for all parties involved more quickly. While I believe that this can be very beneficial I think that fast track courts should only be used for minor infractions or charges. More serious crimes deserve a thorough review of all evidence and the complete attention of the judge.

  • YES

    Fast track courts enable courts to more efficiently process the backlog of cases. Currently the backlog of cases can approach months depending on the type and complexity of case. Especially more so for felony cases. There are even specialized fast track courts. For instance, there are fast track drug courts that deal with drug related crime.

  • Fast track courts do what they are intended to do; these courts speed of the justice process.

    Fast track courts are extremely helpful in clearing the backlog of cases that many courts are faced with. Through the use of these courts, swift justice is delivered and time is saved for everyone. Fast track courts allow more individuals to get a chance to have the justice that they are entitled to.

  • No, it does not!

    In fast track court, either plaintiff or defendant may not have enough time to get all the information to the judge. The judge will not have all the facts in making a decision, and it may be the wrong decision. The court system is supposed to be about justice, and if the judge may not have all the facts, then justice cannot be served!

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