Do fathers have rights and a say on the question of abortion?

  • I believe so

    If you get pregnant and he wants an abortion more than likely he will not want to take care of the child when it arrives. Despite knowing this you drag him to court and your child through hell because it was "your body". If its your body and your decision you should have thought about ALL of this before you had sex with this guy. If he wants you to have an abortion and you don't then allow him to sign over his parental rights and don't ask him for support. Your body, your baby!!!

  • IT is their child TOO!!!!!

    Why should a woman be able to murder (YES it IS murder) the child of a man ? The CHOICE needs yo take place BEFORE the act of conception. Killing an unborn child is an outrage and the father of that child should be able to stop this senseless action.

  • Fathers have rights and a say, but to a lesser extent.

    Fathers have some rights and certainly should have a say in matter of abortion because they are one of the parents. However, because the baby is not yet born, and they aren't using their body to carry it, the say of the mother should be stronger but only because it is in their body.

  • Not your body, not your choice

    Although a father has provided half the genetic material for the creation of a fetus, they still should have no say in the mother's choice to have or not have an abortion. The greatest argument against this question is in the case of rape victims. Giving fathers the right to deny an abortion to a mother could possibly force a rape victim to carry a child, conceived by rape, to term. The psychological implications this could have on the mother are far too great to allow this to occur.

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