• Females different than males

    Females politicians govern differently than male politicians. Often times they have different agendas and are able to see things on a different level. They have different tactics on getting what they want. They are usually more concerned about things that matter to everyday people (health care, poverty, literacy, feeding families) while keeping big world events and wars in the background (not that they are not concerned about these events as well).

  • Females do govern differently than a male.

    First, I would like to state that a female is no better and no worse than a male in political tactics. It would be very beneficial to have an equal mix of both within the government to create more balance. A female is generally more in tune with emotions and will focus more on the community than a man, while a man tends to focus more on power and growth. This does not necessarily mean that we cannot have a person of either gender in the other category, but it is not as likely.

  • Of course NOT

    Women and female gender have historically been constructed as being closer to nature than men, more compassionate, closer to the peple etc. However, it is important to understand that these stereotypes are constructed and not inherent. They have historically been used to prevent women from entering into the political sphere.

  • Governing Styles Aren't Gender Specific

    Female politicians are nothing new in Western Civilization, and they have proven many times over that their governing styles are more specific to who they are as people rather than gender. For instance, the former Prime Minister of England, Margaret Thatcher, was known for a hard-line approach that many people associate with male rulers.

  • I haven't seen any evidence to support that.

    In my experience, there doesn't seem to be any difference between the way men and women govern based on their gender. There are obviously differences in the way individuals govern, but there don't seem to be any patterns showing a distinct difference in the way women govern compared to the way men govern.

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