• Let's look at what 3rd wave feminists are like.

    3rd wave feminists are basically, people who want special treatment. Feminists of the 2nd wave were true feminists who wanted equality. Now it is a cesspool of women and men who think women are strong but are weak at the same time. Thinking that air conditioners are sexist because a man controls it. Believing the wage gap which does not exist, another debate for another time.

    When I use the word feminazi I'm speaking of 3rd wave feminists. Not the second wave or the first wave. Feminazi is not offensive because if you are a true feminist, you are an egalitarian. Feminists are, in simple terms, fascists who will silence you if you disagree with their misguided opinions.

    In short, feminists have turned this once great movement, into a fascist regime where you are labeled as a sexist and as a misogynist if you disagree. Is the term feminazi wrong? With the S.C.U.M movement, and the feminists you hear about, I find it appropriate.

  • Anita Sarkeesian. End of story.

    Alright, do I really need to explain? The fact that Anita Sarkeesian exists is proof enough of the existence of feminazis. If you simply google her name you will get more ridiculous quotes than if you looked up Donald Trump. The only difference is she actually said those things. Good morning/afternoon/evening.

  • I have experience

    Most feminists are good people. Some however hate men. Recently a femanazi aborted her baby boy just because he was a boy and she didn't want to bring a nother "monster" into the world. Who does that? Femanazis believe all men are potential rapists and all men are oppressed. They believe in affirmative action and tax payer funded and late term abortion.

  • The thing is

    People don't know what a "feminazi" is and of course most people will deny the existence, because they're afraid of leaving a bad taste in people's mouths. A feminist and feminazi are two different things, a feminazi is a woman who operates under the guise of being a advocate for equality, and using the title of feminist to make it seems as though they have some inkling of logic and reason when in fact they do not and the thing they're after is supremacy, and you're sexist if you're not okay with letting anything with a vagina be in charge even if they're not qualified for such a position, as well as the genocide of the opposite sex.

    A feminist silently and logically approaches situations and pushes for change, and don't call anything with a penis a rape machine, and say we should let baby boys be born so they can be killed in more painful ways.

    If feminazis want to start their own society no one is stopping them, though they say they don't need men, they sure seems to run to them a lot. Just because they force men to feel like they have to agree doesn't make any less valid that they do in fact need them.

  • No they do not

    "Feminazis" don't exist because equating the equality of women and men with a genocidal regime is pure madness. There are no "Feminazis" who want to exterminate every single man like the Nazi's did to the Jewish population and it's really quite offensive to say otherwise. Men sure can't handle women demanding to be treated like human beings!

  • Matters of terminology

    At times when we want to dispute things we disagree with, we try to use words to compare it to make the disdain for it to be felt. The feminist movement has indeed to a intense at times overbearing approach but to compare it Nazis is a bit off color.

  • The word itself is misleading and offensive to what feminism stands for.

    Deciding to join the words "feminist" with "nazi" is nothing short of ridiculous and even harmful to what the feminist movement truly stands for, and that is continuing to push forward for equality of men and women in political, economical, and social areas of life. That expands to gender roles, reproductive rights and more. If a woman believes that men are pigs, rapists, or the people who are responsible for the evils of the world, that woman is being just as sexist as the man who believes women should only stay at home and work for their husbands, who aren't capable of managing a successful professional career just because of her gender or who would pay a women less at her job even though she is working at the same position as a man. I do understand that many would think that "double standards" would make the branding of a woman as "sexist" difficult or even misogynistic, but it's the duty of feminists to actually show that women also have the capacity of being sexist if they wish to advocate for gender equality.

  • Okay, get the facts straight.

    Feminism = Equality of Men and Women
    Misandry = The idea that women are better than men.
    To anyone who says they are a feminist but in actuality hate men/find men inferior to them: YOU ARE NOT A FEMINIST, you are a misandrist. Please stop falsely claiming that you are a feminist, because you're making us look bad.

    Feminists ONLY believe that we are equal. The term "feminazi" is offensive, please just refer to them as misandrists whether you agree with their irrational opinions or not.

  • Femenazis are real

    If you keep up with YouTube and media drama you will see that there are two types of feminists;those who have a barrier between equality, and those who just outright think men are just worthless pigs. I think that they just don't see that evolution made men more suited to do harder jobs.

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