• Filipino men work more.

    I concede that there are stuff that Filipino women may excel at more than Filipino men, such as baby sitting, cooking, doing the laundry, and disciplining my kids, but it is the truth that the males do more of the work and make more of the income proving that we excel more than Filipino women!

  • Filipino men are very powerful

    Manny, Bruno mars, and I are all Filipinos, I originate from the ilocos region in la union. I have worked in the mountains since I was a very, VERY young boy. No one but my father and grandfather helped me train to become an independent and strong man, what do women do, cook.

  • Men and Women Are Equals

    Filipino men don't excel more than their female counterparts in general. Of course, individual men and women alike may stand above the pack, but it's disingenuous to say that Filipino men are better than the women in any way. Such generalizations are the core reason why gender inequality exists today.

  • Filipino Men do not necessarily excel more than Filipino women.

    Filipino men do not necessarily excel more than Filipino women. However, this statement is indeed dependent on relevant context. For instance, one must specify in which aspect or activity they are making their claim. Filipino men might excel more than women within the realm of sports, but not necessarily within the political realm, and etc.

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