• Yes they do

    yes, I do think that these types of plans are good for making the emloyment rate go way up, and I think that they are really good for a country as a whole. I think that with more of these in place we could help the people out a lot.

  • Fiscally liberal policies boosts employment.

    The people should be in charge what they want to do with business. If someone wants to hire someone else based off of friendship then so be it. That's what it is mostly today and its working out fine. Those that are qualified keep their job and those that aren't either learn or lose their job.

  • Liberal policies tend to reduce employment.

    Before one argues that there are cases and times where a liberal policy of higher taxation or unionization was followed by a boost in employment, it is important to separate cause from effect. The job market may improve for reasons aside from instituted policies and those laws passed may reduce the level of employment growth beyond what they might otherwise have been. This claim is not unfalsifiable as there are some policies liberals endorse which boost employment (e.g. more immigration to any area will boost overall employment since employment is not a zero-sum game).

  • Generally, fiscally liberal policies do not boost employment.

    Fiscally liberal policies equate to wage stability and full time benefit support from employers. Employers have to spend money to maintain these policies. That is less money that can be spent on more employees. The result is fewer employees, but employees that are more loyal and healthier due to the investment by the company.

  • Who's The Boss . . . Really?

    Balancing is crucial to every part of handling money and that means having just as many liberal policies and practices as conservative ones. When it comes to the question of the impact on employment, what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Employment cannot thrive in an unbalanced economy. In an economy that is doing too well, employment will skyrocket and lead to an imminent crash. In an economy that is doing too poorly, employment stays sunken and very little growth at all takes place. Liberal policies fiscally can lead to either because liberal practices are what free commerce relies upon. In the government version of our economy, liberally fiscal policies are the Executive Branch and conservative practices and laws are the Legislative Branch bringing a system of Checks and Balances. Employment can only grow when employers feel secure enough to hire more personnel and when people are not so afraid of being abused on the job or working simply for a pay check and not for fulfillment. This means that the atmosphere of the labor arena needs balance and where one area needs balance in our great nation, all the others do as well. While liberally fiscal policies can be a useful tool in boosting economy when used properly, they are nothing without conservative practices and knowledge keeping them on the right track.

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