Do Florida hunting regulations negatively impact the deer population?

  • Hunting Regulations Control Populations

    Hunting regulations are created to control populations. The purpose of hunting deer, other than obtaining meat, and the reason it is so popular, is the fact that deer populations really need to be held down. Deer multiply quite easily and if we did not have hunters who went out for them, then there would be far too many. So, yes, Florida's hunting regulations do negatively impact deer populations, as they should.

  • Permits Just Cost $5

    Permits to hunt deer in Florida cost just $5 each. Seasons last for an entire month--bow season is in the late summer. Firearms season lasts two months and each person can take two deer per day from late October to early July. Someone can literally kill over 100 deer per season. That's a lot of meat for someone's family, but the long season and high limits could easily depopulate deer in Florida if everyone gets on board.

  • No they don't

    Because I we do not hunt the deer then the population will grow to big that we won't be able to control the population and we might be over run by deer. And it will be your fault because you didn't allow us to hunt the deer. I like to hunt I have my hunting License and it is fun to do. Also if you read this you should come to ore side and you will like it.

  • I don’t think that Florida hunting regulations negatively impact the deer population.

    I don’t think that Florida
    hunting regulations negatively impact the deer population. Hunting regulations only help to decrease the
    amount of deer that are killed by hunters.
    Hunting regulations are necessary because deer have no one else
    protecting them. Hunting regulations are
    a good thing and I think that they should always remain.

  • Culling is neccessary to keep the deer population in check.

    Deer are a bit like rabbits when it comes to reproducing. Leave a pair alone and unchecked in the wild and you'll have overpopulation within a short amount of time. Florida's deer hunting laws don't negatively impact the state's deer population. Instead, they keep the number of deer in the wild at a level that doesn't overwhelm the environment.

  • The deer population is quite large

    Florida has a deer registry to track the deer population and new hunting regulations to track how many are hunted and limit the days on which they can be hunted. This way, hunting won't negatively impact the deer population, but will allow hunters to hunt for sport or food and prevent overpopulation. If the state is tracking the deer population, it can't decline too much and the impacts won't be too harsh.

  • No it does not.

    Florida hunting regulations to not negatively impact the deer population. In fact, it makes it easier for deer to populate and be healthy. This is because the hunting keeps the deer from being overpopulated. When there are too many of on species they get sick easier. Also, there is not enough food and some of the animals die off from starvation.

  • Regulations are in place to help them

    Hunting regulations are based around the fact that sometimes populations of certain animals should be culled. Florida hunting regulations permit the hunting of deer during seasons when they will repopulate the most, which allows hunters to shoot a certain amount of deer per day. This does not negatively impact the deer populations is it curbs overpopulation.

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