Do Florida's "Stand Your Ground" self-defense laws disproportionately impact black victims?

  • Florida's SYG law is extremely unfair towards the African American community.

    This law has already shown negative results in multiple cases just in that area alone. The black community has been a target for many years before this law was passed. Now this gives more people the opportunity to become even more dangerous. I disagree with this law and I think it should be repealed.

  • Yes, Florida's laws are unfair to blacks.

    Since most white people are going to fear and be on the watch for young black men who are dressed a certain way, the "stand your ground" law is likely to negatively affect many young black males. People will think they have the right to shoot whenever they perceive that there is a threat.

  • Stand Your Ground laws impact all victims equally.

    Stand your ground laws impact all victims equally. The most famous incident involved a black victim, but anyone who chooses to own a gun and subscribe the idea that a life is worth taking over the protection of property could use these laws as a defense, regardless of that victim's race.

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