• Yes, they can!

    There is more than one type of Flu Shot. I got a Quad (4 strains in one) last year in error. I had flu symptoms that took me to my doctor. She told me that even her own mother had this reaction. She told me that the Flu like symptoms I was experiencing was a side effect of this shot. I was healthy when I got the shot. You can have a reaction also if you have even a mild cold when you get one. I would have never believed it but YES you can have a reaction to the shot depending which one you get.

  • Flu shots do not make you sick.

    For the majority of people who get flu shots, they do not end up getting sick. You do get a dose of last years flu viruses; however, they are not potent enough to make you sick. Statistics have shown that people who do get flu shots are less likely to get the flu in the upcoming season.

  • No it does not.

    Flu shots don't make you sick. When you receive a flu shot, it is an inactive form of the virus, which is just enough for your body to identify it as foreign so that it will build up immune cells that are specific to that virus. This allows your immune system to respond faster if you are exposed to an active form of the virus during the season.

  • No

    No flu shots do not make you sick. I have worked in the healthcare field for many years now and given hundreds of flu shots, received them myself and made my children get them. They do not make you sick. Quite the opposite actually. In the flu shot, the virus is dead. In the mist, it is attenuated which means it is so weak that it cannot live past your nasal passages. It is a great idea to get a yearly flu shot.

  • No, it's a dead virus.

    Flu shots absolutely do not make anyone sick. The virus they contain is dead, and not capable of making people sick. This is an old wives' tale that is perpetuated year after year with no science or evidence to back it up. The shot alone can not and does not make you sick.

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