Do folks who wear glasses not get as much love as they should?

Asked by: Adam2isback
  • Superheros have glasses

    Well, spiderman & superman have glasses. But personally i don`t think girls mind if i guy has glasses or not. It dosn`t matter. Sure, spiderman and superman have glasses. But as an example. Clark kent can get girls. So as peter parker. (i know this is childish but hey whatever)

  • Nobody actually cares if you wear them or not.

    Myself and every other person I know who wears glasses has never ONCE been teased for it. I've been teased by my friends for wearing stupid looking glasses, but not for WEARING glasses in general. You can be teased for wearing stupid looking anythings in this day and age, but one thing that kids are teased for is wearing glasses. People who tease others over their sight disablities are usually called out and picked on themselves.

  • I feel like kids and teens today make fun of them too much

    I'm a young man with glasses. I hate when popular kids make fun of them. I feel like they're not given the love they deserve. We get called "nerds" and "geeks." What do you guys think about this? I mean I think this is unfair in my opinion. But lol

  • They get the same love as people who don't wear glasses

    Nowadays glasses are very common in society. Lots of people wear them, rich or poor, famous or ordinary, smart or not-so-smart. People from every sector and walk of life wear them. Glasses is not a judging factor when it comes to making friends or electing candidates. People do not get loved less simply because they wear glasses. They do not get loved more simply because they wear glasses. Folks who wear glasses are getting the love they should get.

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