• Of course SNAP works, it's just not enough

    Of course they work. If just one child is kept from going to bed with an empty tummy at night, they work. They should be increased as far as I'm concerned. In this country, with the over-abundance of food available, everywhere, it is a sin that anybody is hungry, ever. I am not, and never will be on SNAP ,most likely. My daughter and granddaughter were for a time, but now live with us. They needed them, and had it not been for me supplementing their groceries, they would not have had enough to purchase all they needed to stay healthy.

  • You can not progress without your basic needs.

    Any human will place their basic needs above all else, which means without food, water, etc. A person could never work at lets say "McDonalds" or get any further, because they will be more preoccupied with getting food, that they could not spend time working, or getting an education. Along with that, the amount of people who abuse Food Stamps, does not nearly equal the amount of people who need them to live, and work. With the Minimum wage so low, no one could only survive on 7 dollars an hour, hence they need Food stamps to help them along.

    All in all, the benefits of Food Stamps completely outweigh the detriments, and they are needed for basic survival for the people in Poverty.

  • Yes they do.

    If you qualify which it's getting harder to because of rapid growth of those who need them, the government will give you a EBT card which has a amount like $350 and it lasts for each month. The amount might change if your salary or other factors change. Yes food stamps work as they help feed families who qualify. I do say that they aren't the same. We seem to get less and less each month.

  • Of Course Not

    Food Stamps never ever help hard working people, because they can never get approved. Lazy people love to take advantage of it, and bureaucrats perpetuate it. Government programs only help government and that my friends is the exact reason why they don't work. If they really worked, poverty would be going down, like it did before food Stamps. Poverty decreased from 25 to 12 percent from 1959 - 1970. Since 1970 (Major Food Stamp Legislation) it has hovered around 15% and currently is at 15.2%. If you think welfare works, think again.

  • Not in the current form.

    Food stamps are good for the people that legitimently need them. But there are to many lazy people that just sit back and collect benefits that aren't looking for work and really have no intention of working. There need to be revisions so that able bodied people who are capable of working but are to lazy to look for a job are not provided with benefits. If they starve because they are to lazy to do anything, then so be it.

  • No, food stamps do not work

    Food stamps are anti-progress. We want the country to move forward and we cannot do so by giving out freebies, especially not in this day and age. The old phrase "work for whatever you get" built many a nation. By neglecting such a principle we run the risk of laying to waste the very foundation of a nation. Besides its capitalism, that's just the way it is, you work, you get paid, you buy food. Its the natural chain of economics and by cutting one of these steps the whole process falls apart

    Posted by: Emmo

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