• Here are some players:

    Other years: Mel Blount 16.6 $ M a year. Jerry Rice 25 $ M a year. Walter Payton 15.1 $ a year. Mean Joe Greene 13.2 $ M. Dieon Sanders 15 $ M. This year (2016-2017)Drew Breeds 31 $ M. Andrew luck 30 $ M. Oliver Vernon 29 $ M. Joe Flacco 28.3 $ M. Odell beckham Jr.(rookie year) 10.6 $ M These are outrageous how can you argue about it?

  • They are paid too much.

    Even though a lot of people enjoy it football is not a sport that requires very much bravery or risking your life. The wage that footballers get should be that of a soldier or nurse, not someone who doesn't have any guns around them and instead medics ready to treat them if they do get injured.

  • Football players recieve too much money.

    Football players are paid too much, but they are not alone. Many jobs in the entertainment industry pay a disproportionate amount more than the most important jobs in society. School teachers, police officers, fire fighters and even the President of the United States make a fraction of what football players make.

  • Yes, football players make entirely too much money

    Professional football players receive far too much money. Football is a sport that brings families and friends together, but there are countless other more important professions that deserve the pay scale that football players get. Football does nothing to advance our society and therefore players should not receive such a huge compensation.

  • I like cake but I don't like fruit cake

    Well cake is yummy and fruit cake tastes horrible I really hate fruit cake it is bad for you because no one likes fruit only strawberries but strawberry cake is nice so in my opinion I like normal cake more than fruit cake thank you for listening bye bye friends

  • No, they are paid fairly

    Football players receive the amount of money they do because of capitalism and the free market. The general population values entertainment very highly. Because of this, football players are worth more money than many other professions. This doesn't mean they offer more value to society, it just means that society assigns them a greater value.

  • No, football players risk their health and lives to participate in a wildly popular game.

    No, I do not believe football players make too much money. Football players have short careers that may be cut short at any time and may leave them with crippling injuries. Furthermore, even those with long careers often end up with significant health problems later in life. I believe the amount of money they make is proportionate to the risk they take.

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