Do full-time mothers work harder than the rest of us?

Asked by: BeccaMull
  • They work more

    They have to raise their child by themselves. They dont have their partner which can take care for their child, and the mother cant just take relaxation. Its more about giving yourself to the child, you have to learn him everything nobody helps you , and if you go to work too, its very stressful

  • Yes I do

    I still help my mum in the kitchen, cleaning the house and looking after my little brother, and it is the most tiring thing I’ve ever done. I know men have a hard time aswell by getting up earlier, getting ready for work and going to work just to make money to support the family. I understand that and respect it but a mums job is really hard. I go to bed with the biggest backache, headache and leg ache and my mum still does more work then me and I help a lot around the house. I for one, think both jobs are hard but a mums job is a little bit harder and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  • Sure they do.

    Being a full-time mother is a lot of work, and even though not all full-time mothers may work as hard as others, most of them work extremely hard. They are on-call 24/7, and there really are no vacations because a mother usually has her kids then too. It is a hard, but, rewarding job!

  • I was infantry marine for 10 yrs. Now due to my injuries im a stay at home dad for 3 boys.

    Women are full of shit when they say they have it hard being a stay at home mom. Im on a freakin cane and im looked at and awed by women everytime im out with my boys. It not hard if you care. If tour lazy, your screwed. There it is.

  • That would not be a fair statement

    Working harder is not defined by the amount of work done by one particular person. It is not the write definition. When one sets out to work, they give in their hundred percent. That is what hard work is. Full time mothers do put in an extra effort, but being a mother is itself a task for any mom!

  • Yeah right! I don't think so.

    I'm a man who works full time and studies more than full time (double major) and I do not have any time to myself at all. If I'm not working or sleeping, then I'm studying. I even use my breaks at work to study and must study probably twice as hard as the ordinary student in order to finish my assignments on time. Every moment of every day must be utilized to the full extent. I play recordings in my car when I drive to memorize information for my studies. I always have a player and ear phones in when I'm walking anywhere. I purposely got job that allows for me to listen to my player while I work so that I can memorize and practice at my job. I do not take holidays or weekends off. The only time I have to myself is when I check my emails (that are mostly related to my education or work anyways) and I have a little stimulating conversation or debate on DDO.

    Throughout my life I've spent days with mothers with any number of children and I've taken care of many children myself (even if not my own and I've had experience with handicapped children too), so I know exactly what it entails. If any full time mother tries to tell me that she works harder than I do or just as hard as I do, then I laugh right in her face because the claim is total b.S. And because I grew up smack dab in the middle of Mormon Utah, I already know that there's a really good chance that I've probably taken care of larger groups of kids all by myself then most people have ever even heard of being in one family. I know that it's hard for some certain women to hear that a man works harder and accomplishes more than they do (especially in our feminist society), but I really don't care. Women aren't necessarily smarter than men, they aren't always harder working than men, they don't always accomplish more than men, the jobs that they do are not always more important than a man's, and something is not somehow more difficult and more deserving of respect because a woman does it. That all depends on the individual situation and not on your gender. Yes, there are some women that work even harder than I do, but if their only full time job is just being a mother then probably not. Being a full time mother (or father) can be difficult, but it isn't the most difficult thing in the world. Besides, I've learned that just like any other responsibility, if you learn to multitask and work efficiently then it can be much easier. I found that caring for children isn't as hard as some people try to make it sound if you do it well. I respect the job of parenting, but there are far more difficult things.

  • Someone Must Support Them Financially

    There is nothing necessarily wrong with being a full-time parent (read: mother OR father).

    However, someone must provide financial support for them unless they are independently wealthy. If they don't have that kind of support, they may not have the choice to be a full-time parent.

    In the sense they don't have to work a "real" job to support themselves, full-time parents have it EASIER than other parents who may have to work the "real" job and also take care of the kids.

  • No they don't!

    I completely understand that having children is a job and is tiering but I don't understand these women that say their job as a full time mum is harder than other women's jobs.

    They choose to have children and that is their own decision so by doing that they know what it entails. (If they have had an unplanned pregnancy then that's just unfortunate) But in terms of the women that choose to have kids It's not like there aren't enough books out there and advice on the internet, not including all the people that will tell them what it's like.

    There are a couple of girls I know that say they work harder by being mums and I don't think that's true at all. I feel I work just as hard in my job if not more, I've worked extremely hard to get where I am, I do long hours, into the night, weekends, miss the usual holidays like Xmas and New Years spending with my husband due to work unlike mums that will more than likely be at home.

    I used to see one of the girls as a friend before she had children, and now she thinks and speaks down to everyone else as if she is superior to them and works harder just because she's now a mum. It annoys me how it's changed her. And as I work around 70 hours+ a week I don't feel some women have the right to say this!

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