• Fundamental Human Rights exist

    We all have the will to do things. We have choice(s) that we believe is/are best for us to make. Just because we are unable to exercise our rights, make our own choice does not means the rights and choices do not exist. Because a drunkard finds it hard to make a reasonable idea, does it mean he doesn't have a brain? If justice is served rightly, fundamental human rights can be rightly exercised.

  • A world without fundamental rights...would be a sad tragedy.

    Absolutely fundamental human rights exist. Having rights like the right to live, prosper, to simply exist are the bare minimums that make us human. With out certain rights or some free will we would be mindless drones carrying out tasks that we would not want to do or to even care about for that matter. Anyone who would disagree with the topic would be a shell of a person or even have lost their last shred of humanity themselves.

  • Yes

    Yes, there is a right to life and to live within the boundaries as human beings. Everyone has a right to think, to breathe, to bring something of value to the human race. Sometimes, those in power violate human rights by persecuting those who disagree with them. These are called bullies. And they do what they can to deny basic human rights.

  • Yes, fundamental human rights exist and need to be enforced.

    It is my opinion that if fundamental human rights did not exist, all of humanity would be enslaved. I believe the very fact we are able to ask if these rights exist implies that they do.
    I see the problem having less to do with a lack of these rights and more to do with our ability to enforce them as a species. Every playground has a bully who tries to gain power by taking away the power of another. If we were better at punishing these individuals, maybe the world would know the answer.

  • No, fundamental human rights no longer exist

    To say that life is a fundamental human right is silly, even that isn't honored across the globe. People have their right to live taken from them every single day. Human rights that are promised to us in the constitution aren't even honored in the United States anymore. The fact that an FBI agent can walk into your house, search everything, arrest you and keep you without due process or even a search warrant is a decent example. Human rights are something that we are deceived into thinking we have, all the while you are stuck inside of your 9-5 bubble, paycheck to paycheck, thinking that you are living a free life.

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