• Two words: NO VICTIM!

    I support gay rights all the way and so should you. Homosexuality doesn't harm anyone. Gay marriage should be a basic right like straight marriage. Homophobes deserve to die because their time is long past. Why are hateful intolerant jerks still allowed to exist at all? Get rid of homophobes already!

  • Their own lives

    Who a person wants to be with and be sexually active with is not up to anyone but that person, so yes they should be able to get married to each other. Why deny them a happy life together, when we get to choose who we want to marry to.

  • yes, they do

    Gays have every right to get married. Its just the same to me if you have a marry couple that consists of a man and a woman. Its love and that's all that matters. Its going to be some time before everyone sees that though. Its hard to think its going to happen in the next ten year,but it may.

  • I Guess It Is a Privilege If You've Been Denied Equal Rights

    I believe gay couples deserve the right to marry each other. Personally, I believe the institution of marriage is dying and as a homosexual I'm not very interested in it. However, there are many perks and benefits that some retain by marrying their partner. I believe people deserve equal rights and allowing gay marriage is paramount to ensure everyone does have equal rights.

  • Yes, of course.

    A gay couple who loves each other and wants to marry legally is only going to contribute to the stability of society. And with the divorce rate being what it is, they are also going to know what it feels like to have that legal decision impact much of their lives. It is a right, a privilege, and a penalty at the same time.

  • Equal marriage rights for all.

    If two people love one another and want to make the horrible mistake of getting married, they should be able to do so. Gay is natural, whether you want to believe it or not. It's not common, but it is found within the entire natural kingdom, and especially among mammals.

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