Do gender differences in the workplace affect pay equity?

  • Men Make More Than Women

    It's a known fact that men make as much as 20 percent more than women in the same position. There is no such thing as pay equity in the workplace because women are blatantly discriminated against and there's not much that can be done about it. Gender differences are about to change since women are a statistical majority in the United States.

  • men are stronger

    Since men are over all considered as stronger than women, they usually tend to get paid more in the workplace, because they can do more and harder work than women can, and that is just a plain fact. Women do not have the muscle to do intensive labor jobs out there.

  • Yes. I believe gender differences in the workplace affect pay equity.

    Yes. I believe gender differences in the workplace affect pay equity, because there are some jobs that woman are simply not capable of doing because of their physical stature. Such as jobs that require heavy lifting, or extreme physical labor. In this case pay equity should definitely be affected, and men should receive more.

  • Generally It Doesn't

    I do not believe gender differences in the workplace generally affect pay equity. For the most part, I feel pay gaps between genders have been closed. There are still some but I don't think they're anything major to worry about. I think remaining problems center around firms and companies that still simply think its fine to under pay women, which usually occurs because of a CEO or managements personally opinions.

  • Women's role in not affecting pay equity

    Gender difference in pay equity is only an issue when being hired or given a promotion. Women tend ask for less money than men and also tend to not negotiate for their salary. Pay is quite equal on other levels between men and women because their value is considered the same.

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