• It's all in the brain

    Our personalities are from genes that make up our brain when we're born. EG-aggressiveness can run in a family so why can't calmness our quick thinking. Though we get most of our personality from real life situations that happen to us, etcetera.I hope someone with more detail can explain it better than me.

  • Genes affect everything.

    Genes affect every aspect of an organism, from appearance,
    to thought processes and personality.
    This is why many members of the same family will have similar likes and
    dislikes. Some children will have a
    particular temperament, and family members will say “you’re just like your
    father”. This also explains why related
    children raised by different families will often have likes and dislikes
    similar to their siblings raised elsewhere even if they never met.

  • Yes, genes affect personality.

    In twin studies, it has been shown that genes affect personality. Identical twins that are raised apart are more similar in terms of personality than fraternal twins raised together are. Since the genes of the identical twins are identical, but the environments of the identical twins are different, this shows that genes do play a major role in personality.

  • NO Genes do not affect personality.

    Studies can show whatever they'd like, but I believe genes do not affect personality. Sure, the basic moral of things is a general idea that children can pickup from anyone, but it has nothing to do with genetic DNA. I've had friends who are nothing like their parents. Some parents can be abusive, troubled, and desperate and they're children are grown up to be perfect in society's eyes and nothing like their biological mother and father. This goes along with orphanage and adoption children, etc etc. Personality is gathered from the world and their own outlook on things. Their outlook on things is caused by their environment and perhaps the people they surround themselves with. Nothing to do with science.

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