• Yes, I think genetically altered crops help America.

    I believe overall that genetically alerted crops help everyone because they lower the cost of food to be produced and give us a wider variety to choose from, I believe that studies must continue to be done to ensure that these genetically modified foods are safe but overall I think America net benefits from it.

  • Agricultural Engineering Benefits All Americans

    In some ways, genetically altered crops may sound scary, but the truth is that humans have been genetically modifying crops through selective breeding since the beginning of time. All the modern approach is bring a more scientific and efficient approach to the process. And better crops will mean stronger yields and lower prices for all.

  • Of Course Genetically altered crops help America

    Obviously, genetically altered crops help America. They provide a boost to the economy, and usually do not cause dangerous mutations. Only a few deaths, about 10,000, have been reported throughout the word as a result of these crops. However, they provide major economic boosts worth much more than people's lives.

  • Genetic goods can help

    Genetic goods can help with consumer needs especially when it comes to crops. You have so many cost that are associated with crops and goods to eat. That genetic help can come from manufacturing crops to sell so that consumers can eat. This genetic advancement will get bigger in the future as well.

  • Genetically altered crops do help America.

    Genetically altered crops do help America. Humans have been altering the genetic makeup of plants for millennia, keeping seeds from the best crops and planting them in following years, breeding and crossbreeding varieties to make them taste sweeter, grow bigger, last longer. We are able to produce more crops then ever before.

  • No seeds- no tomorrow!

    Genetically altered crops/seeds --what happens when they fail? Where will your food come from then? What if you have a widespread flood, or insect infestation? When you "alter" food, it results in altered bodies. I do believe that this is the cause of obesity, cancers, and mutations in humans and other forms of life. People need to wise up before it's too late, or has that time arrived? Think about it.

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