Do ghost exist?, does anyone have personal experience's

Asked by: Pegasus4
  • Yes, I Have.

    I have seen ghosts twice in my lifetime. At Gettysburg, PA, I saw a full Confederate color guard marching through a field, from a distance, around 2 in the afternoon. There were no reenactments scheduled for the day, as verified by the museum office on our tour. The attendant that I asked about the incident said that it was not unusual to "see things" in the battlegrounds.

    Another incident is from a friend's house. Her mother-in-law had passed away in the home, and her spirit had "stayed behind." My friend swears to have seen her multiple times, and incidents included phantom footsteps, sounds of laughter, she would step on the back of your shoe as a joke. One night I was laying in bed with my then-girlfriend, who was fast asleep. I had left the covers off of my upper body, being that I am a warm sleeper. I suddenly felt what seemed like an arm being laid across my chest. Thinking this was my girlfriend "in the mood," I looked at her. She was still sleeping. I looked down, and the covers had been pulled over my torso, and tucked in neatly, as if by a caring mother. Needless to say, I woke my girlfriend up immediately, startling her, and asked her if she thought there really was a ghost in the house. My girlfriend's reply was "Yes, but she's very sweet. She helps me make the bed sometimes."

  • Yes, I believe

    I have had experiences with ghosts since early childhood. It wasn't until the age of about 7 that I realized most people did not see and hear all that I saw and heard. I continue to have experiences very often. Only very few have been freighting. Most people just don't

  • I'm more of science kinda of guy

    But I still have my doubts

    There are something's science simply can't example, for me personally, I thought of things perceived as ghost as Time echoes since they represent people or events from the past, things that have already happen but sometimes this draws a ? For me against some stories I hear

    Like for instance, a friend told me about his mother's House, how if you were to sleep in the living room over night there would be a little girl in a white dress that would either stand over you or stand outside the front door looking in or a man that would look in from the outside through the window, friends have told me they have had those experiences while staying over.

  • I think therefor you are

    If u believe that behind a wall that theres an apple that has the color purple based on no facts it cant be proven or disproven. But instead of using this childish argument be looking for a sweetspot in this topic. What if everyone, even science would suggest that theres a apple behind that wall. Even though it cant be proven it also cant be disproven but for everyone who believes it is proven.So in a hypothetical situational,well i might believe that chips good for once health this a an idea that come from the idea it tastes good so it must be good. Then i will spread that idea and soon everyone will believe that chis are good for once health. Chips is being forced to eat at breakfast no one could anything else then chips if one eats something else than chips then that person would get punishedbut no one does that because why would you? Chips are healty tasty and everyone else eats it to. U might say , oi chips aint healty it is high in salts and fats. No one would believe you, because the believe in chips. Same goes with goes believe in them and u will see them don't believe them and u wont. Both has it upsides and down sides believing will lead to not being able to tell the difference of reality and fake but unlike not believing it will lead to an emotional roller coaster. But then again who cares..

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