• Girls have it harder (my personal opinion)

    I know everyone in the world go through struggles and whatever, But girls are considered by sociality to be less Superior than males, Which means a lot more people will criticize you by what your wearing, And what you want to do. When a girl acts all silly and is trying to have fun someone else will step in, And say "act like a lady" but when a boy dose it people just say "boys will be boys". I have seen tons of people say that woman are useless and the only reason they exist is to give birth, Now there's a lot more to being a woman than just giving birth, We have our own dreams and desires (good or bad) and we just want to be happy. Believe it or not, There are woman out there that do so much for us in our every day lives, But since the world is run by d**ks, (literally) they don't get any attention for what they do, And our over shadowed by men who do the same things. Please don't get angry at me, These our just my personal opinions and you don't have to take them seriously if you don't want to.

  • I agree with you

    I support this message with all my might because theres alot of reasons girls have it harder and boys say its wrong we have alot of things that are bad in our world you seriously say no? That makes no sense did you try being a girl for once? Like really

  • Yes girls have it harder

    Most of the no's have shit arguments. It's not about gender equality, It's about the struggles that women faced that men don't experience. In countries in the Middle East, Some laws restrict the freedom of women, Women have to carry a baby (in some countries it is illegal to get an abortion and if you do get abortion people shame you anyway) and sadly, Misogyny still exists. There are good men out there but what this is about is whether girls have it harder than men and they do. You kids don't know anything, So don't try to be the ones trying to inform us when clearly there is evidence.

  • Girls life is hard

    Yes I know periods and birth and pay diffrents yes that's hard but another thing is when they go out there probabley scared and it because man can over power them and do stuff to them and not to mention people have explastesions for girl (sorry for bad spelling but girls lives are very hard)

  • Girls definitely have it harder than boys

    First of all, Most of the no's are for gender equality and STILL there are more people saying girls have it harder than boys. I have many reasons why girls have it harder than boys. First, Gender inequality in the workforce is terrible. Women get paid far less than a man for the same job! Also, It is proven that more women go to college, But there are less CEOs that are women than men named John. Also, I have to about childbirth. First of all, Men get total freedom in child because they can just walk away when ever they feel like it. WOMEN CARRY THE BABIES, So unless they get an abortion (with is illegal in some states/countries) or put it up for adoption, They can't do anything. Also, Girls and women get their periods, Yes I know lots of people have said this, But it is a huge pain. Tons of money spent on tampons and pads, Not to mention the pain killers for cramps. Lastly, Having a baby is a terrible process, Imagine have a thing the size of a watermelon come out of you! Also, You have consent times where you throw up, And random pains. The last topic to mention is the power that men have over women and society's influence on women. Men are usually in-charge of the house, And make the decisions even if the women bought and took care of the house. Also, Think of all the times a man has raped a women, So many complain filed in, And guess what? Not many of them are put on trail. Finally, Women are called sluts and many more awful things, Because they sleep with lots of men, But there is no names for men, Because that is the power that they have. Also, Gold diggers and cougars are given to women, Because of wanting money. No names are given for men because of society. In conclusion, This is why girls/women have it harder than boys/men.

  • Girls have it way harder

    They have to deal with periods and sometimes birth, They have to deal with all the pressure to always be beautiful and hairless and perfect. Also the wage gap is a whole 'nother point. I could go on and on and I do believe guys do have some things that are rough.

  • Girls are have so much pressure to do everything right

    Girls have to do everything like cleaning, Grocery shopping, Taking care of the kids, Going to her job and coming home to make dinner. We are expected to have everything in our lives in order and not to be a mess. But if we are mess then we have to get it together. We are sexually harassed almost everyday by men we know and don't know. When we try to say something than not a lot of people listen and say that we made it up to get attention.

  • Just beacause duh

    Because they are so much better and amazing and frikin awsome and we need babies and we have to take a lot of time to get ready in the morning and we have periods and WE BLEED OUT OF OUR VAGINAS. Also, Everyone thinks were not as strong as the boys

  • Uggggh try being a girl

    Periods are like the worst your stomach is dying, Your legs ache, Headaches and very bad mood swings. You would always be paranoid you would start your period on the very spot and blood just flushing out. And you also fell extremely uncomfortable if you were a pad for a week every month for about 50 years. Trut this is only about periods.

    There's still pregnany, Well I haven't been pregnant but my mum she never moans and stuff and she literally moans the hell out of my life while she's pregnant, I can't be bothered to finish this it's taking to long but there's still loads of subjects to go through like easy target for sexual abuse, Pay gap and loads more
    Thx for ur attention

  • Yes thier life is much more harder than boys. . . This is because they have to wear makeup and different stuff every day

    Girls life isn’t that easy according to boys life. Boys just what ever they liked but girls have to do makeup and nails and 3 hours hair done. Also they have periods every months which make then angry and after that they get calm down. However boys life is just like game. It’s also hard for girls to cheat or having first love but guys find it easy. Thank you

  • I’ll prove you all wrong

    Hey, I’m Natalie, I’m a 17 year old Junior and I am going to show you boys have it just as bad as girls if not more when I kick Jamal in his balls. I am still waiting for fat spammer to approve so I have my fingers crossed bye.

  • We all pay for it

    Yeah, Girls struggle with sexism, Rape, And drama but boys have things to. First, It hurts to get kicked in the nuts. 2nd, Boys seem to be more reckless than girls though I met some daredevil chicks myself and finally, Men always get the short end of the stick in a divorce. It is very rare for the men to get partial possession of the kids let alone full.

  • Must be hard to show any emotions anytime

    I’m 12 and yes I’m a boy and no I’m not sexist for saying boys have it harder. Boys are pressured a lot to not show emotions to not be scared when you do something you don’t want to if boys show any emotions they will (not %100 percent of the time) to man up or at least they think because we are men we are stronger and it’s not necessary to show emotions because it’s considered not being strong because apparently all men are emotionally stronger just because scientifically we are? F***ing bullshit I didn’t want the label socially and emotionally stable because honestly I’m a f***ing mess and a lot of it is my fault but also being embarrassed girls don’t like you and having a small dick I’m sure girls haven’t been shamed for a small vagina because guess what that doesn’t f***ing matter and sometimes I think the only reason girls like boys is because of their dick and I’m trying to fight this thought because it’s making me sad so please tell me different on that also giving birth hurts a f***ing lot but you shouldn’t brag about something just because it hurt a lot I’m not the one that f***ing chose to feel like my arm was being ripped off or double that pain idk I’m not a girl also boners just because a man has a boner doesn’t mean ya gotta shame me for having something that happens all the f***ing time that’s all I gotta say goodbye

  • Yall believe that if you hurt than your life is hard.

    I am a thirteen year old boy who strongly believes that we are equal. Some will argue that because girls get pregnant and go through that sort of pain means they have it harder. Did you ever think that the reason women can become pregnant is because the men were the ones who would go off to find food and sustain the family? No, Because you would rather believe it is because you have a higher pain tolerance and because you are superior than because God believed that sending someone with a child into a fight or into the wilderness was inhumane.

  • Boys have it hard to

    We are equal, And you can’t just say girls have it harder then boys (I’m a girl myself) for something stupid like girls have periods. Periods are what makes it possible to have a baby! Girls/boys, Stop saying we have it harder. We don’t! Look at the country’s where men have to work outside all day everyday in 40 degrees Celsius kinda heat! 🙄

  • Boys have it harder.

    Boys have it harder because we are expected to all be strong and not cry. I personally have to deal with people who hate me because I'm a straight white male. Girls get life handed to them. They are more loved by their fathers so they get a more privileged childhood. Women get the choice on who they date and boys just have to stick with who they are given. I would rather bleed once a month then deal with all this stress.

  • Yes and no

    I am a girl
    but it doesn't matter if your a girl or a boy.
    Both boys or girls have hard life cause of responsibilities being a boy is not easy even some boys have to sacrifices their dreams and one thing boys are told "boys don't cry" why they have feeling too and on the other hand girls life not easy we girls also face a lot!
    But a least look at your presents your mother is a woman and your father is a man but before and once they were a girl and a boy

  • I choose no

    Why bc just cuz u have period doesn't mean shit being a boy in a world full of rapist me a day every girl think we all out to get u like no also we boy can be ugly girl can be ugly too but u have makeup what do we have nothing also we have emotion too believe it or not also girl stop saying we have an easier life bc u don't know what it like to be a boy so shut the HELL up u fucking dumb bitches ugh I fucking hate everyone for a reason

  • Oh heck noooooooooooooooo

    I'm a girl and even I think guys have it harder. Sure girls have periods and give birth, And a while ago girls didn't have equal rights, But now life for girls is easier than it's ever been. For starters, In other countries like South Korea, Guys are eventually forced to serve in the army, Are girls forced to? No. If a girl looks at another girl and says, "she has a nice butt" it's normal, But if a guy looks at another guy and says, "he has nice muscles" it's really weird. If a girl is harassed people will immediately stand up for her, But if a guy is harassed people will just let it be, They assume that he can take care of himself. Guys are expected to be strong. If a guy cries it is often looked at as being weak. If a girl cries people immediately hug her and tell her everything is alright. If girls are insecure about themselves they can put on makeup. If a guy is insecure about himself he either has to deal with it, Or put on makeup and then deal with being called gay. There is a reason suicide is more common in guys.

  • Ur mum is dope

    No dude you cant do this i am a 15 year old with dreams to work in a play, most notibley shrek the musical lmaooooo jk fam so abck to topic i think boiss are harder, stronger, work it power!! Jk again im sunning out of words so bye lova ya

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arrivingdragon250 says2015-09-04T09:29:03.880
Good question you ask, but it will occur Sexism, bias among both Genders, you can't say boys lives are harder than girls or girls lives are harder than boys, everyday boys and girls have to face everyday challenges, so you can't say that.

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