• Girls are have so much pressure to do everything right

    Girls have to do everything like cleaning, Grocery shopping, Taking care of the kids, Going to her job and coming home to make dinner. We are expected to have everything in our lives in order and not to be a mess. But if we are mess then we have to get it together. We are sexually harassed almost everyday by men we know and don't know. When we try to say something than not a lot of people listen and say that we made it up to get attention.

  • Just beacause duh

    Because they are so much better and amazing and frikin awsome and we need babies and we have to take a lot of time to get ready in the morning and we have periods and WE BLEED OUT OF OUR VAGINAS. Also, Everyone thinks were not as strong as the boys

  • Uggggh try being a girl

    Periods are like the worst your stomach is dying, Your legs ache, Headaches and very bad mood swings. You would always be paranoid you would start your period on the very spot and blood just flushing out. And you also fell extremely uncomfortable if you were a pad for a week every month for about 50 years. Trut this is only about periods.

    There's still pregnany, Well I haven't been pregnant but my mum she never moans and stuff and she literally moans the hell out of my life while she's pregnant, I can't be bothered to finish this it's taking to long but there's still loads of subjects to go through like easy target for sexual abuse, Pay gap and loads more
    Thx for ur attention

  • Yes thier life is much more harder than boys. . . This is because they have to wear makeup and different stuff every day

    Girls life isn’t that easy according to boys life. Boys just what ever they liked but girls have to do makeup and nails and 3 hours hair done. Also they have periods every months which make then angry and after that they get calm down. However boys life is just like game. It’s also hard for girls to cheat or having first love but guys find it easy. Thank you

  • Oh please. Gilrs have it way harder than boys trust me!

    1. Girls have to suffer through hunger, pain, cramps, extra weight, and vomiting for 9 months during pregnancy,
    2. Worst after that they need to have a freaking watermelon come out of their vagina!
    3. Girls cant go out without being insecure because if they go out at night its true that they can get raped
    4. They cant get a drink at the bar cause again its possible they Can get raped
    5. Boys don't have to have blood bursting out of their vagina every 2-3 weeks and on top of that have cramps and headaches.
    6. Most of society say girls should do the housework so boys don't have to ever clean and cook as much as a girl has to
    7. Although boys get hit in the grain and it hurts, girls get hit in their vagina too and it hurts a lot trust me. And on top of that they get hit in their boobs and it hurts even more.
    8. Girls aren't expected to be strong they are expected to be weak, and to stay at home and not in fights. (side note: but girls are actually more strong, maybe not physically, but if boys were stronger they would've been the one to have a baby pushed out, because if they are stronger that means they handle pain better. But god chose girls to do it cause girls control pain better than boys. And its scientifically proved to that girls manage pain greater.
    9. Girls first sex is mostly painful
    10. Girls are more judged of what they wear and stuff like that than boys.
    (this is just my open but to me its true, and I rely am annoyed that boys keep saying girls have it better and all therereasoning revolves around, "pain in the grain" but seriously they need to stop being wimps plus that pain doesn't happen every month it only happens once in a while. But I also think this debate is pointless because everyone here is a human gender doesn't matter, but I'm just saying boys need to quit their whining and accept the truth.)

  • Of course they do.

    Us girls experience a lot more we have to look a certain way and act a certain way. Boys don't experience all the rubbish we do. Yes men had to go to war and fight. But it was only because MEN thought we were not good enough. They thought they were superior!

  • Do men get pregnant?

    I thought not. Imagine being pregnant for 9 months, and having to feed yourself and the baby. Having extra weight. Men don't have babies so they don't have to struggle through all of the pain, cramps, hunger, and having to go to the bathroom all of the time. Think about what you go for.

  • Girls have it harder.

    For starters, girls have to get their periods, which, infact, lasts years. Many years. That being, a week every MONTH. Secondly, they have a higher chance of being raped. And, girls + women are more likely to be abused by men, since women aren't superior. Next, there's pregnancy. Some men take pregnant women for granted, after all, she is carrying a fetus in her for 9 months, probably more! Which is a big deal, because a new person is greeted into the world, and, the pain is unbearable. Woman is being mistreated as well. It's not easy for females. In conclusion, please respect our women.

  • For the following reasons girls have it harder than boys;

    -biology (periods, physical strength, childbirths etc.) girls spend more money on the essentials (on average) than boys for reasons such as pads. Physical strength. Women are the weaker sex. I'm not being sexist I'm being realistic. Genetically women are made up of less adrenaline and because of their genetics find it harder getting strength. This means more women are subjected to abuse and as a fact every 9 seconds one woman is abuse in the United States. And the pain of childbirth is excruciating.

    -Women face more sexism than males. Don't deny it. It is true. Even the oxford dictionary defines Sexism as 'noun. Mass noun. Prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex. 'Sexism in language is an offensive reminder of the way the culture sees women''. And how often do you see men getting cat called?

    -Women are paid less than men. On average women are only paid to work until 3.43 compared to men being paid for the whole day. Which is like women work Monday through to Friday but only being paid for Monday through to Friday.

    - All throughout history girls have had it harder than boys. Think to ruling the country, it was the next eldest male that was the next ruler. And what about the suffragettes. Think back to history when women had to die to get the vote. Emily Davison ring and bells?
    Read dis rass – you are terribly sexist and do not have any valid arguments or case.
    Hakeem_Elamin – You have stated that ‘it is really easy for a girl to get a guy, and for a guy to get a women he have to prove to her he loves her.’ However you have provided no actual source or credibility for this to be a solid argument. You have also stated that ‘Men has died way more then women, in wars and civil wars. And we can't denie it because women wasn't allowed to be in a war only guys was.’ This statement works against your cause as women who desperately wanted to fight for their country were not allowed to. And before you post something next time it would be best if you checked your grammar. Additionally, you have stated that ‘And guys are most likely to get in trouble for things they didn't do. And a women can get away with a crime faster then a guy. A guy is mostly the world's target’. Where is your source? Because this looks conspicuously made up. You have also said that ‘and men rights is not as powerful as women rights.’ This is undeniably false due to reasons I have stated before.
    Tcheaberlin - I encourage you to do more research and provide some valid ideas before you challenge the ideas of others and come up with an actual argument that support your statement.

    While some men do have it hard it is not at all compared to what women face.

  • Puberty sucks and we are in the present here.

    Come on periods and pregnancy also birth. And Hakeem_Elamin we woman would like to fight for our country , but Men don't think we are capable of it they think we are wimps. Go to YouTube and search men trying the pain of birth and you will see that men who saw they can handle the pain will be proved wrong.

  • Boys have it hard to

    We are equal, And you can’t just say girls have it harder then boys (I’m a girl myself) for something stupid like girls have periods. Periods are what makes it possible to have a baby! Girls/boys, Stop saying we have it harder. We don’t! Look at the country’s where men have to work outside all day everyday in 40 degrees Celsius kinda heat! 🙄

  • Boys have it harder.

    Boys have it harder because we are expected to all be strong and not cry. I personally have to deal with people who hate me because I'm a straight white male. Girls get life handed to them. They are more loved by their fathers so they get a more privileged childhood. Women get the choice on who they date and boys just have to stick with who they are given. I would rather bleed once a month then deal with all this stress.

  • Yes and no

    I am a girl
    but it doesn't matter if your a girl or a boy.
    Both boys or girls have hard life cause of responsibilities being a boy is not easy even some boys have to sacrifices their dreams and one thing boys are told "boys don't cry" why they have feeling too and on the other hand girls life not easy we girls also face a lot!
    But a least look at your presents your mother is a woman and your father is a man but before and once they were a girl and a boy

  • I choose no

    Why bc just cuz u have period doesn't mean shit being a boy in a world full of rapist me a day every girl think we all out to get u like no also we boy can be ugly girl can be ugly too but u have makeup what do we have nothing also we have emotion too believe it or not also girl stop saying we have an easier life bc u don't know what it like to be a boy so shut the HELL up u fucking dumb bitches ugh I fucking hate everyone for a reason

  • Oh heck noooooooooooooooo

    I'm a girl and even I think guys have it harder. Sure girls have periods and give birth, And a while ago girls didn't have equal rights, But now life for girls is easier than it's ever been. For starters, In other countries like South Korea, Guys are eventually forced to serve in the army, Are girls forced to? No. If a girl looks at another girl and says, "she has a nice butt" it's normal, But if a guy looks at another guy and says, "he has nice muscles" it's really weird. If a girl is harassed people will immediately stand up for her, But if a guy is harassed people will just let it be, They assume that he can take care of himself. Guys are expected to be strong. If a guy cries it is often looked at as being weak. If a girl cries people immediately hug her and tell her everything is alright. If girls are insecure about themselves they can put on makeup. If a guy is insecure about himself he either has to deal with it, Or put on makeup and then deal with being called gay. There is a reason suicide is more common in guys.

  • Ur mum is dope

    No dude you cant do this i am a 15 year old with dreams to work in a play, most notibley shrek the musical lmaooooo jk fam so abck to topic i think boiss are harder, stronger, work it power!! Jk again im sunning out of words so bye lova ya

  • Nah fam it's equal

    Sh*t happens and that's life it sucks for everyone. Some lives suck more than others but overall everyone looks at the negative a lot of good happens that goes unnoticed and yes women have periods and all that but guys are more likely to got to war and die. In the end we're all bones or ashes so it's equal

  • Go back in history and see who really had it hard

    I'm sick of all these people saying girls have it harder then guys when basically guys have it harder because it is really easy for a girl to get a guy, and for a guy to get a women he have to prove to her he loves her. Men has died way more then women, in wars and civil wars. And we can't denie it because women wasn't allowed to be in a war only guys was. And guys are most likely to get in trouble for things they didn't do. And a women can get away with a crime faster then a guy. A guy is mostly the world's target, and men rights is not as powerful as women rights.

  • Girls and boys lives are equally hard

    Yes some girls lives are harder than some boys but some boys lives are harder than some girls it's called life, now if you wanna go around saying that girls have it harder, go ahead, but just know that some men have lives that are some of the hardest in the world. And some women have some of the hardest lives in the world. We all have to raise a family, manage finances, and get a job. So I dare you to give one reason that all girls lives are harder than all boys lives. Or that boys lives are harder than girls. Oh that's right, you can't!

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arrivingdragon250 says2015-09-04T09:29:03.880
Good question you ask, but it will occur Sexism, bias among both Genders, you can't say boys lives are harder than girls or girls lives are harder than boys, everyday boys and girls have to face everyday challenges, so you can't say that.

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