Do girls have it harder than boys or via versa?

Asked by: Jess.hartley
  • Yes, they do you ignorant misogynist.

    Maybe its the fact they get payed more than 20% less than male workers or something like how over 11,000 women were murdered in domestic violence cases in the same time just under 6,500 died in the Afghanistan war, i do most certainly believe that women have it worse than men. Don't believe me? Maybe ask the 26% of rape victims in the entirety of the US.

  • Girls have it harder!!

    Everyone goes through puberty! Guys get smelly, girls get smelly. Boys get hairy, girls get hairy. But the girls start painfully bleeding every month and deal with it(Pads and tampons)! Girls have to start wearing bras(Which can be very uncomfortable) Girls definitely have it harder, and I know MANY girls and BOYS who agree.

  • It really depends

    When it comes to rape, men have it harder, as they are more likely to be laughed at, called unmanly, or just plain not taken seriously if they do go to authority. Also it depends on which country you are talking about as with places like iran, pakistan, and other countries with less women's rights the women have it harder. So overall it really depends.

  • More equal than you want to realize!

    Life gives you choices, its the choices you make. It is what you applied from what you learned as well. Words, deeds, actions, content of character and self image. Media and socialism " social status, how you want to be judge and so forth. Appling to that job and having the skills or training from either self taught to learning it from an institution of your choice. Years experience, field of work, there are so many things that are a factor. Not just saying I make X amount a year. Also it is your parents, how they grew you up, where they grew you up. Did they go to college and so forth. If they don't do much to excel themselves, and you don't either. You are just continuing the act to blame other parties for your parents failure and yours. Accept responsibility is the first step. Blaming the ones who can succeed for your failures when you didn't either try, or tried at a level where you were indeed unkilled for and lossed. Its like someone who doesn't know how to work on cars try to get a high level mechanic position that requires 10 plus years experience. That does not work out. You enter at entry level and work your way up. Few kids learn from their parents as sort of an apprentice to the job and become skilled. Most times this is actually illegal because of favoritism to their child if they are in a management position to hire and fire. And majority of business don't allow realities to work in the same department either. So with all this, it is more equal than you realize.

  • I think it's equal

    I think that it is equal we all go through puberty, we all are judged etc. however in some cases it can be harder for girls and in some cases it can be harder for boys. In this case I will choose this side but I am not saying that anyone has it harder than anyone else.

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