• Female Privileges in Online Games

    This just happened to me recently and the reason why I searched for this.
    First off, I play in a minecraft server with my friends and we're part of the staff their, I've been building alot for the server and for other people and I have an average rank, until this dumb girl who just talk in the chat all day gets promoted to highest rank by the owner. Dafuq? Does that dumb thirsty owner think his chances of getting laid will increase? God damn people are stupid!

  • Apart from physical differences

    I maybe wrong at certain places. This is a very polite argument based on my personal view. Please forgive me for my ignorance if I mentioned things which aren't true.

    Girls are trained to look after themselves from a very young age whereas boys are left to learn these things on their own. Usually a girl is given more attention, privilege and preference in the society. Say for instance, you are walking on the road. You see a girl and a boy shouting for help (one being on the left side and the other on the right side); whom will you approach first? Even you know that you would approach the girl first.

    Since childhood, boys are taught to be strong and not cry “like girls”. Why? Simply because they haven’t got any emotions and feelings? On one hand people want boys to be different than girls while on the other they want girls to be given equal opportunities which are given to boys.

    Girls want the same freedom, the same rights that boys have then why do they want reservations for them. Be it a bus, a metro or any other social place, there is always a distinction between the two sexes. Women may sit on the seats reserved for them and also on the other seats as well. But males cannot. If you have one side of the bus reserved for the female passengers why don’t you make the other half to be the males’ compartment. Starting from reservation of seats to colleges and universities there has always been a partiality against men. There are special agencies working for women, women have their own timings at gym and pubs etc. everything is just dominated by women. If there is a verbal fight between men and women naturally people irrespective of the gender will support women. Majority of the schemes implemented by the government aims at upliftment of the women, the girls. What about the boys? Are they not equal?

    Things need to change. I agree writing articles like this won’t contribute to even 1% of the change I dream of.

  • Women get more rights

    In many trains there are women only carriages is there such a thing for men, no because that would be sexist. In many gyms there are women only sessions again is there such a thing for men, no because that would be sexist. What is the definition of equality to feminists. Does it mean that women have many more privileges compared to men?

  • Yes, girls have more privileges

    Yes, I do think that girls definitely have more privileges today than boys do. Boys are looked at more as bullies, whereas schools act like girls are angels. Women get the majority of office jobs here in my town even if men are just as qualified. Women are treated as beauty queens.

  • Why should girls have all the fun?

    Yes Girls do enjoy special privileges in society and the legal system thanks to the deeds of men. There have been hideous and unfortunate instances like rape which are shameful and no doubt detestable. But then, there also have been overly "chivalrous" men as well who believe in the "ladies first" principle. Reservations of seats ranging from buses to Universities are a common practice today. Moreover there are ladies coupes, ladies special trains, Women banks, and heck even special timings allotted for women in gyms and pubs. Surprisingly despite women also occupy the "General"seats, time-slots and quotas. (Umm isn't MALE the opposite of FEMALE? Guess not thanks to my feminist friends) Moreover in any government organization women are given options to call it a day before their male counterparts while they are entitled to the same pay for the same job. Moreover the "Impartial" Judiciary apart from the extravagant emphasis on Women's Rights (What about Men's Rights) forces the pvt organizations to employ women in their workforce when it is very well known that employing a women means providing her with benefits like maternal leaves, extra care should be taken for the "protection of their honor" (whereas in certain cases it is the men who are Adam teased and are scared to reveal it as no one will believe them). My question- why should we men stand for protecting the honor of women when generally it is not the other way round. If men and females are considered as equals then why should the latter have a cushioned seat? To all those "feminist " and "chivalrous" men I can just request ," Brothers, please grow a pair and before standing up in order to push a chair for a lovely , elegant lady do find out whether you will be having a chair left for yourself. " Do know the apparently weak woman might be smirking inside while planning how to use her next prey. (Courtesy Disclosure, or else our very own Indian version- Aitraaz) Moreover can't there be a counterpart for the NCW, Something like the National Council for Men?

  • Why is this even a question

    20 percent of men and 70 percent of women and children lived to tell the tale of the Titanic. Society has created inherent favoritism. Even though there is no longer a need for protection of females since the population is already too high, women continue to be favored at clubs, at bars, for dating sites etc. Put it this way: there are ten times more men than women beggars. Women at least have the option of prostitution to make 60k per year. Worst case scenario for men is a job that risks their lives like arctic fishing. No wonder 97% of workplace fatalities are men. Feel free to fact check my statistics, women.

  • Handicaps are more frequently placed on men, giving girls more opportunity in some areas.

    WATCHb IMPORTANT: http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=vp8tToFv-bA

    In modern societies women definitely have the upper hand. Gender equality doesn't exist and I truly believe it can't exist completely. "Women and children come first." Men are taught to suck it up, a woman's needs and well-being are more important. A woman is allowed to push past the gender barriers while a man is limited to one side. I'll bring up two stories which I recently heard in the news.

    STORY 1: Female Erin DiMeglio a Florida High School 3rd string quarterback. Stats: Two hand-offs, one completed pass for -5 yards, and one incomplete pass. Earns a scholarship for $20,000.
    STORY 2: Male Keeling Pilaro an eigth-grader from N.Y. Was the leading scorer for his girls field hockey team for the past two years. He was eventually benched for being too good.

    Equal gender rights and will never happen.

    However, their are more variables that come into play such as race, age,and attractiveness. But overall studies have proven that females in need are more likely to receive aid as compared to a male.

  • Girls have way more rights.

    They can join Scouts as well as Guides, they have more choice of clothes and are allowed to wear makeup (although I would not wear makeup anyway!). They are allowed to wear warmer kit in school PE lessons when we boys are stuck in the cold. They usually don't have to work hard in class. If they have a hardworking, smart boyfriend to pay for them they're treated with way more respect in most families.

  • Girls do have Plenty of advantages in modern society that boys do not

    The whole education system in america has been revamped to fit the ideal girls way of learning (being quiet and gentle) with emphasis on reading and writing (two areas where girls generally score higher). Boys from a young age are told to just conform to the ways girls generally behave (no rough housing or anything that could even slightly hurt them physically). We pump them full of drugs for ADHD and expect them to sit and be quiet while cutting back recess and physical activities (gym) simply because test results are not high enough. What they fail to realize is that kids especially have a high amount of energy and when you do no allow them to get it out of their system they will most likely get it out in the class room. Studies have shown that women are continuing to do image every college field except for a few (physics and other hard core math subjects like engineering). But because of Title 9 and other laws that are bing bent to change the meaning educators have to change the way they teach to accommodate girls not boys. From the way subjects are taught to the number of sports teams allowed, the laws ( well the twisted ones) continue to hurt boys and the problem will only get worse. I encourage everyone to read the war on boys by Christina hoffsteder (I think I got the last name wrong). But this book highlights all the ways boys are being discriminated againsts and she come at it from a feminist view focusing on true equality not the mainstream crap we all know.

  • Here's Something Else...

    A boy can't hit a girl without getting arrested for abuse. But for some reason a girl can hit a boy and get away with it? Why is this so? Is it because men have treated women badly in the past and this is just their view of getting even? Even if it is, this doesn't seem very fair...

  • Girls aren't allowed to play some sports!

    A lot of girls are allowed to just cheer lead in sports. Yeah they can do swimming, soccer, running but some people think that girls aren't allowed to play football. I personally LOVE football, and I think girls should have more rights in sports! So yeah if you agree with me, I thank you very much!!!!! <3

  • No, they do not and they shouldn't.

    Everyone on Earth are human beings. We walk on the same land, breathe the same air; it could be said that everyone is equal. Thus, why should others have more privileges than others just because they are more feminine? It is unjustified! Only through hardwork do we receive what we deserve.

  • Keyword is "more"

    It is well documented that women have less privilege than men. This doesn't mean men have it easy, but just that women have it harder, due to sexism in people's psyche and in the institutions themselves. Men have privilege over women, though this doesn't mean women have no privileges, rather, men have NET privilege. Women have to worry about the glass ceiling, the wage gap, getting raped or sexually assaulted (a statistically small amount of men have to worry about false accusations of rape), not getting a job because they're visibly pregnant, having no or restricted access to abortion and birth control pills.

  • Boys Have it Better

    Parents are more likely to get their sons cars or let them stay out later than they are to let their daughters have the same privileges. Parents are much more protective of daughters and try to keep them more sheltered than they do with boys. Boys have much more freedom than girls.

  • Girls do not have more privileges than boys.

    Aside from having more population, boys are more desired than girls. Many parents used to say I hope its a son because sons do not get pregnant. That's why many countries kill female infants. In education, boys are given more opportunities because of the same reason. Pity for girls, especially who lives in the country that is having the same rule like India and China. (No Offense)

  • No I don't think girls get more privileges than boys

    Nor do I think boys get more than girls do. I think the truth lies more in the middle of the two extremes. Sometimes girls get more advantages in certain things, other times boys do. It really is dependent on what is going on, and what the girls and boys are doing. Girls may get more advantages in say dancing for example, but boys do in sports. It really just depends, there is no hard or fast edge in either direction to me. So no I don't think girls get more privileges than boys or vice versa, I think things are more even in the end.

  • No way jose

    No, I think men like to believe this sometimes but that is just because they feel jealous. Girls just have different duties it seems and they end up being treated in way by men naturally. They don't beg for it per se, it just happens. So we can't complain about this.

  • No, girls do not have more privileges than boys.

    I still think that girls have less privileges than boys. Especially in the work environment, although it has become more even, a female generally sees less opportunity than a male counterpart. Once we have our first female president, I think we will start to see the gap close even more quickly.

  • No, but it is evening out.

    No girls do not have more but it is close to even. Things like title nine have forced schools to equal things out and create equal opportunities. This is true in the working world as well. Equal Opportunity employers have forces the workforce to provide equal opportunity for women and minorities.

  • Girls should also have these rights

    Lots of girls aren't allowed to do lots of things like for example if you're a girl most people just call you weak because you're "just a girl" It's not like all guys are all that and so f***ing strong. Society is so f***ing messed up sometimes and it's just so unfair.

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