• America is stupid and I hope it burns down...

    Okay, in school I understand why you would want a dress code, but in the STREETS?! I do realize I'm on the wrong side BUT WHO GIVES A DAMN?! THIS IS AMERICA NOBODY CARES! THIS IS THE WORST COUNTRY EVER! DIEBITES, CANCER ALL BECAUSE AMERICA CAN'T KEEP IT'S SHIT TOGETHER!!

  • Sure Why Not

    Sure, as Americans, we should seek to eliminate every freedom we have, including our freedom to dress as we chose. Being sarcastic, I truly believe it is wrong to implement a dress code for anyone on the streets. However, I have seen some scantly clad women and many more than chose to dress in an entirely improper fashion. This is brought on by our entertainment and our media. They've found that sex sells and it trickles throughout our social standards.

  • Why do girls need to worry about others thoughts?

    I believe that a dress code for women only would be extremely oppressive. Why is it a woman's responsibility to dress so that people don't stare or assault her. It should be the perpetrators responsibility to control themselves instead of saying "it was her fault because she was wearing that."

  • Girls should not need an official dress code to exhibit some discretion.

    Girls should not need a formal dress code in order to exercise some discretion in the clothing they choose. Those who choose to dress in a promiscuous or inappropriate manner risk offending others or making them feel uncomfortable. This should be taken into consideration when clothing is selected on a daily basis.

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