• Yes yes yes

    Girls can do whatever they want to do because they are just as good or even better than boys are. We are all equal no matter what anyone says. Of course I am biased because I am a girl, but I know that anything guys around me have done, I have been able to do as well. There are no limits.

  • I think they do.

    I think it's pretty simple. If someone dedicates time to watching and playing a sport, then they will understand that sport well and enjoy it. You don't have to be a boy to understand sports typically dominated by men, and for that same reason you don't have to be a girl to understand sports typically dominated by women.

  • I say girls do understand guy sports

    I know many girls that like football and baseball as much as I do. I also know a girls that loves hockey and I think that, that is a manly sport. So if you say that girls do not understand men sports then you are wrong. I mean that in a nice way

  • I say girls do

    I am a guy and I say that girls do understand guy sports. I know girls that like football and baseball as much as I do. I even know one girl that likes hockey and that is a manly sport. So if you say that girls do not understand guy sports than you wrong.

  • Girls Do Understand Boy's Sports as they may be just as involved as a guy

    I believe females can understand male dominated sports. A female can understand AFL if they watch it enough and support in are just as involved as any other male. Many males would not like a female to say that they don't understand netball as much as females do. This is the same thing both sexes can understand a sport if involved enough.

  • Girls can understand anything!

    I do not think there is such a thing as "Boy Sports". Girls are capable of learning and also playing any sport they choose. Sports are for everyone not just "boys". I do not understand why sports are always labeled to be for boys when there is girls out there that are really good at them.

  • Don't Be Ridiculous

    First of all, there is no such thing as a "boys' sport" any more than there is a "boys' food". Whoever asked this question is undoubtedly sexist to begin with because they clearly believe girls are some kind of lower being whose abilities are still being discovered. Give me a break.

  • Yes they do!

    Girls have always been known for being multitaskers so of course they understand men's sports and they do a good job playing this sports!
    Sports require athletic ability, good health, committment to a team or sport and a good attitude. Sports being competitive, will always have a winning and a losing team. Girls can handle defeat as well as a win and learn from the defeats what to do to improve.
    More and more girls are getting into team sports where they can be a part of a group that is working together for the same cause. It keeps them active and gives them something to be proud of doing. It even is greater because the families of these girls often attend games and cheer them on.
    The only thing that might be different than boy's sports are the uniforms.

  • Well, nowadays there aren't many sports that are classified only as boy sports...

    Football, rugby etc. Are all played by girls too, but are less popular with the female population as for the lack of feminine appeal, but generally, I believe that some will, some won't - it will most likely be based on their overall participation in sports. I'm sure some men/boys will not know how to play some "boy" sports as for their lack of interest in sports altogether.

  • Girls just want the men

    Girls attend male sporting events not to watch the sport, they attend to the sporting event to scout out the boys. Girls do not know anything about boys sports, they are clueless. There are some girls that know what they are talking about, but the majority of them dont know anything.

  • For whatever reason, most girls are pretty clueless.

    It doesn't really matter what the reasoning is, most girls just don't understand them. It may be because they aren't interested, don't understand the concepts/reasoning why somebody would play them, or maybe it's simply gender role related... Whatever it is, most women don't understand them. The more masculine the woman, the more likely she is to be interested in them... But women didn't evolve to compete for anything else other than getting a man's attention, so it's understandable that sports don't come naturally to them.

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Hatstand says2013-10-13T00:09:40.910
What makes a sport a "boy's sport"?