• Usually they do.

    Good economics usually result in good politics, and vice versa. This is because it is a cycle. Once you get good politicians in office, the economy gets better and the people are happier. They then vote for these politicians again, and the economy continues to do well. It is quite simple.

  • Economics and politics go together

    The ability to establish good economics can compliment certain decisions from a political reference. Politics always have a high priority for economic policies that create revenue and more jobs for any economy. The more people develop a understanding for economic progress the easier it is for politicians to relate to changes.

  • Good Economics And Politics

    I personally think that having good economics can lead to good politics too because the economy as well as the government has to start from somewhere. I personally think that having good economics can come from motivated as well as driven people which it could lead to good politics too.

  • No, politics and economics are not the same

    Economics deal with numbers, with profits and losses. People can't be reduced to numbers. Sometimes policies that maximize profits do harm to people. For instance, corporations calculate that dumping toxic waste into our rivers is good economics. But poisoning our environment is terrible policy. Good politics puts our health and welfare above the profits of a corporation. That may be bad economics, but so be it.

  • Recent history shows economy and politics are like oil and water.

    From 1992 - 2000 when Bill Clinton was the President of the United States, we saw the largest expansion of the American industry and economy since the 1950s. We had a budget surplus. In Congress, we had the first wave of barn owl crazy religious fundamentalists trying to legislate their morality, even shutting down the government when they didn't get their way. So clearly, good economics do not lead to good politics.

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