Do good people suffer more ? And the evil ones live happily?

Asked by: Sunny52525
  • We are born to be sinners.

    Face it, we are living in the world full of conflicts everyday. No matter how hard we try to be supposedly be good, we just ended up turning bad and suffer as a result.

    There is that feeling that being evil is the way of life, if people had to make a choice where they want live on the planet if the planet we live in is not suited to our lifestyle there's the option of an eject button to leave the planet. Please we would like to encourage more space travel please so we don't feel we are all trapped in solitary confinement.

  • Being good is harder

    It's so easy to be bad, and you'll get away with it at the expense of somebody else's misery.
    And in schools, nobody cares about good people. Only bad people.
    When you be a good person, it takes discipline and a lot of hard work, that means you suffer. There isn't much suffering in being bad, because to be honest, that's what being human is.

  • Who is to say what's right and what's wrong?

    Good and evil are concepts made up from humans. There is no universal code on what is good and evil. Most people associate goodness with compassion, empathy, selflessness, sacrifice and evil with selfish, manipulative, and hurtful. Who is to say that humans shouldn't be evil? Just like in nature, there are predators and the prey, so of course people who have a predator mindset will succeed more because they are driven by survival and success, whereas someone who is 'good' is actually the prey who accepts being stepped on before helping themselves. If having this predator mindset is evil, then yes they will most likely live a happier and successful life. If you are referring to murderers and rapists, no, their lives are empty; there are just an empty shell who will spend the rest of their life behind bars.

  • Yes people evil live happily.

    Nowadays people who don't care about anyone,dont think of any one's feeling seems happy more than people who care for everyone ,whose heart are pure .Evil people dont care about anyone that's why they spend a good and happy life whereas caring people suffer from the pain and all the bad things.

  • I say neither...

    I don't like to think about people as "good" or "evil". Because, I don't believe there is such a thing as "good" and "evil". I believe that is an opinion. Some people think that gangsters are "good". Others think they are "evil" yet, I don't find it to be fair to label someone "good" or "evil". I think this is a very hard question.

  • This is an extreme difficult debate, because it is purely relative.

    Evil people seem to live happier lives because they are evil. They don't CARE about others, they only care about themselves. Thus, less burden. On the surface, they seem to live a "happy" life, but happiness is relative. If you are evil, you will live an evil life. If you are a good person, you will live a "good" life (hard to explain) but that does not mean that you will be happy. Many good people live very suffering lives, but in the end, they lived their life as a good person. Thus, their life was "good". Although evil people may not experience the same kind of suffering that good people do, they will never be able to experience true peace and harmony that normal people can understand.

    So, do evil people suffer less than good people? My answer is, perhaps, but suffering and happiness is relative.

  • Only at first glance.

    It might be true that evil people live happier lives. If you are a good person, it can be difficult to get through your day knowing how much suffering there is in the world. The amount of murder, rape, starvation, disease, etc. in the world can make an empathetic person who cares about others feel down. On the other hand, an evil person presumably doesn’t care about any of that, so the only suffering that will affect him is what is going on in his actual life, so unless he is being murdered, raped, starved, or otherwise hurt, he should suffer less than the good person.

    On top of this, evil people will have an easier time acquiring material wealth as they lie, cheat, and steal on their way to the top. A good person will accept poverty before stepping on someone else to climb the corporate ladder. It is easy to see why someone would think that evil people suffer less than good people.

    Despite this, I would argue that good people don’t on balance (or at least don’t have to) suffer more than evil people. While an evil person might not know what it’s like to empathize with people suffering around them, he also doesn’t know what it’s like to make sacrifices for others, to give to the needy, or to act with integrity. Is a truly evil man even capable of love, in the sense that a good person is? When it comes to pleasure, an evil person is going to be restricted to the same pleasures any animal can feel – satiating hunger and lust and experiencing creature comforts or base feelings like revenge. This is not true happiness, and the potential for joy that a good person can feel goes way beyond it. We know that true happiness comes from living a meaningful life. I think a good person is much more likely to achieve a life they view as meaningful than the evil person, who will probably always feel something is missing from their lives.

    There is an idea that crops up in philosophy that being virtuous is a necessary and sufficient condition for happiness. Socrates argued that “a good man cannot be harmed.” The idea is that the only thing that matters to a good man is that he is a good man, which isn’t something anybody or anything can take away from him. The Stoics argued that only the virtuous could have free will and happiness. Through philosophy, I think it is possible to achieve happiness no matter what is happening in the external world around you. So if a good person is unhappy, they might just need some philosophy to reorient how they think.

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