• Google Glass threatens your privacy!

    Imagine you are in the bathroom. Someone wearing Google Glass comes. They bend down, and take a picture within 2 seconds. They later post it on the internet. What a bummer for you then! The whole world will know within a few months!

    Now imagine this: You are typing in your credit card number. Someone behind you who is wearing Google Glass videotapes your actions. Now they know your credit card number and could break into your account. What a bummer again!

    Google Glass will invade people's privacy daily. It may sound tempting, but filming or taking pictures of someone else without letting them know is probably one of the worst things you could do in your life that would make you feel guilty forever! I understand the temptation in Google Glass, but the appeal in Google Glass as a subject is not OK.

  • Yes, but I don't care because privacy must evolve.

    Yes, privacy as we know it will be forever changed by Google Glasses. I won't have to put up with so many people doing so much crap because they don't think they're on camera. Those who are bullying and being rude and excessively demanding or stupid, now I can make every thing they do public so they can face scrutiny and people can get a better understanding of their character.

  • Absolutely threatens privacy with the filming.

    Google glasses sound awesome, but they invade peoples privacy on a daily basis. If someone is filming another without their consent or even knowledge that it is happening, that is just plain wrong. But I totally see the appeal in google glasses as a user, but not as a subject.

  • Google Glasses Invasion

    The reason why google glasses invade privace is because if this technology can be hacked or manipulated in any way, the information can be used to harm or be used for the disruption on the person. Also pictures and images may be shown the may have a certain amount of privacy attached.

  • Google Glass is dangerous

    Imagine how scary it would be: in a world where anyone can record everything you are doing and saying, to let criminals have the power to get information about any random person on the street. Some say that Google Glass could be used to get evidence on someone if they are beating you up for example, but if someone was hurting you, they would probably break the glasses.

  • Yes it does!

    How will you ever feel comfortable when there is a chance you will get recorded when going out in public. Any moment, any person, for any reason without you knowing it. The reasons for developing google glass are in my opinion over rated. How much effort is it to take your mobile device/camera etc. in order to capture a moment? Not hard at all. Why do we need a device such as google glass that forms such a threat to our privacy by making this all possible without the knowledge of people surrounding it.

  • Privacy has long ceased to be what it was!

    I think the concept of privacy as it was conceived 20 years ago has been modified substantially, the Internet, computers, cell phones and modern electronics have been changing radically our privacy, and perhaps only in some cases privacy has been reduced to the most intimate aspects. In general, each change, evolution or transition generates controversy. But if anything can be certain that we will always find detractors and followers of innovation and no one and nothing can stop the evolutionary processes of technology.

  • More visible than hidden cameras.

    Anyway there are cameras in almost every public area. They already invaded our lives, it's not the google glasses that will change this fact. If you want to be private, just stay at home make sure to put something in the windows. Google glasses are just the evolution of cell phones.

    QUIBL google glasses!

  • Other technology is already available.

    I don't think they threaten privacy. They are pretty obvious when being worn and this alone could make someone aware that they could potentially be filmed. Also, there are cameras so small that you can hide them in a lapel pin or a button and would be easier to tape someone this way.

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