• Yes it does

    Welfare in general does indeed raise unemployment. People react to incentives, and if you aren't someone with a higher wage in working, often unemployment is more attractive once you factor in things like travel time and costs, uniforms if you're required to buy and maintain your own, and things like child care if you have children.

  • Yes they do

    The government makes safety nets now??? OH FAN F***ING TASTIC. Now how are regular safety net manufacturers supposed to compete? I guarantee you that if the government invades the safety net manufacturing center, it will only put honest private sector net manufacturers out of business which WILL lead to workers being laid off and increased unemployment.

    This is horsesh*t....

  • No - in fact it lowers unemployment

    Social safety nets act as a giant economic shock absorber. When the economy crashes like we saw in 2008, it is in danger of spiraling downward. As people lose jobs they cut back on purchases, dropping revenue at local stores, who then have to cut their staff, etc. The unemployed are also at risk of losing their homes to foreclosure, which further puts a strain on the banks that hold those mortgages. By allowing families to make home payments and necessary purchases, safety net programs like food stamps and unemployment keep the economy from slipping further. In fact that is one of the things economists cite as preventing the recent recession from being as bad as the Great Depression. And believe me, in 2008 there was every indication that it could be that bad.

    That is the economic argument anyway. There is also the humanitarian argument. As someone who owns a small business, who could be suddenly unemployed if business conditions should change for the worse, I'm thankful that we do have that safety net.

  • No, they provide stability to the economy and give people time to find a job where they can maintain their standard of living.

    Safety nets provide help to people in temporary need after they have experienced a hardship. If someone loses their job unemployment insurance helps them until they can find another job. With so many people having lost their jobs in the past few years safety nets have cushioned the blow for not only the people losing their job but also their creditors. If someone is pressured to take the first job that comes along the result is a cascading effect of problems when person, though working cannot afford to pay the bills.

  • No, the government safety net program does not cause unemployment, but help people in need in the United states

    Safety nets provide people who need help temporary. For instance someone just lose their job which unemployment insurance help them until they get another job. This is just one example of how safety net program help the people in need in the United States. Hope this help anyone who didn't know!

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