Do governments do enough to protect tropical rain forests?

  • Yes, they are thriving.

    Yes, governments do enough to protect tropic rain forests, because the rain forests are still growing and thriving. There are large rain forests in many different countries. The nations that have them have strong incentives to take care of them because they are important for tourism as well as for farming. This is similar to the U.S. protection of the forests. Countries do not want their natural resources to die out, and they will take steps to protect them.

  • Rain forests are wonderful.

    They are fun to go exploring in. And they are good for having picnics in. They are our main source for clouds and they are a habitat for animals. They are very pretty cool. They are also home to people and children are used to having a roof over their heads.

  • No they don't.

    Africa has wonderful forests such as the rain forest in Cameroon. This rain forest is getting chopped down and being used to make coffins. The chainsaws are driving the animals away, due to this the tribes that live there like the Baka tribe are starting to go hungry due to the loss of food!

  • No they don't

    I do not think that governments do enough to protect tropical rain forests. Some governments do a lot for the world's tropical rain forests, but even that is not enough. I think the governments of the world need to work together in protecting the rain forests. We need to protect them otherwise they will be gone forever.

  • Carbon Emissions, Deforestation Threaten Tropics

    Global warming caused by carbon emissions as well as deforestation for cash crops and human settlements have done little to ease the pressure put on tropical rain forests. Governments need to have better ways to manage these resources. Ecotourism and harvesting resources from the rain forests can all lead to economic booms for locals thanks to tropical rain forests.

  • No they do not.

    The government does not seem to take the forests and their danger very seriously. We need to preserve them and keep them away from the toxins that humans create. It is important to get nature to last as long as possible. We need to stop building and stop polluting the earth.

  • Rain Forests Cut Down

    I do not believe governments do enough to protect the tropical rain forests found across the world. I believe these ecosystems are rare and vulnerable, yet very profitable to businesses. I think we have accomplished a grave injustice in letting as many of these forests be cut down and I think the governments across the world should have done more to prevent it from happening.

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