Do grades in school offer the best prediction of future success in life?

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  • Achievement is defined in a variety of way.

    While many students strive for good grades in school, these high marks do not predict future success. A student involved in lots of activities may not place a major emphasis on grades yet still do well enough to graduate. Conversely, a good student may short-change social skills that should also be nurtured to ensure success as an adult.

  • No, each child has different strengths

    Each person has different strengths and weaknesses. Most people who get good grades in school do so because they are really good at focusing and memorizing facts. While there's nothing wrong with this, a person can be successful in life without these skills. They may have other strengths, including strong business sense, that will help them succeed.

  • Grades in school are important, but are not highly predictive of future success.

    Grades in school demonstrate that an individual is book smart; an individual can learn the material from a textbook or teacher and apply it towards a test. However, many other skills are important in life which determines future success, such as communication skills, social skills and creativity. These skills typically fall outside the range of school grades.

  • Grades are only a small indicator of future success in life.

    Success in life is the result of many factors. Aside from knowledge acquired in school, an individual must be a savvy, driven and persistent. Even with all of those qualities, a little bit of luck is still usually in order. While grades are an indicator of a willingness to work and be disciplined, without the other named qualities, success is still not a guarantee.

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