• Quality over quantity

    Of course graphics matter! Would you like to see a game with just huge blocks of pixels and no detail or an amazing detailed smooth game? Realism is the key in these games. Graphics DO matter. If you have ever played a good graphics game you would understand.

  • In a way, yes.

    Sure, I prefer retro graphics in indie platformers as much as any guy. But someone who claims graphics don't matter needs to play mind-jack. If I want to see a good story, I want to be able to relate to characters, not pieces of paper with faces drawn on them, and some voices behind them.

  • Nopeer the word

    So this is blah de blah in the graphics of games is not sure wether in games gameplay real is not with graphics, So there must be conection and go bigger get mor work done with project on youtube, So this is must be good graphics like in pubg is to get healthy!

  • They Most Definitely Matter, to an Extent.

    One word, Atmosphere. Okay I have more but let me start by saying, Graphics are quality enough to make out objects now, so why do we continue to pursue making better and better graphics, why is it a benefit to the PC to have better Graphics, why do they continue to make new consoles if Graphics don’t matter, the consoles do have a deviational difference in graphical power among one generation to the next. So why more generations for consoles, and why more strives in creating game graphics? Graphics add a huge amount of Atmosphere to a game. Would a Horror game be as good if all the scary enemies looked like playdough? No I could play them and no one would consider it a horror game. Would Skyrim have been the massive hit it was if it didn’t have the great graphical design it did? Probably not because half the amazement of Skyrim was the awe-inspiring views and areas which wouldn’t have been awe inspiring with Super Mario 64 Graphics. Don’t get me wrong Super Mario 64 is a great game and was an amazing looking game for its time, and the N64 did push the game industry forward, it was an important console. Now particle affects (smoke, fire, magic, etc..) would be un immersive if they looked like spots on your TV or Monitor. Good Graphics Create atmosphere, immersion, and they make a game better.

  • It's why games systems evolve.

    Minecraft is a nice experiment, but most commercially successful games have above average graphics. Ex. The Last of Us, Battlefield, Batman Arkham games, etc. Its the first thing you see and can be a selling point to a majority of kids. Game developers know this and its why new consoles are upgraded to accommodate bigger and better graphics.

  • May not be as good as gameplay, but they definitely matter.

    Who wants to play a game when the characters look like stick figures throwing rocks? If that's what you are in to, okay, but good graphics enhance the game.

    Graphics help make the game look more like a movie, they make it more immersive. When I first played XBox through HD, it felt like a whole new experience.

  • I love graphics to look real

    You have to consider where we are in technology today, i mean we have the power to make games look amazing, so why shouldn't they? I will say that they aren't everything, but about 1/4-1/3 of a game is dependent on graphics for me personally. I just think graphics are important.

  • Yes, in some games

    Some games need good graphics. Some games don't. But the people that play skyrim understand that one time you climb onto the biggest mountain look at the cities and say wow. Games like Pokemon ,Scott Pilgrim, and Minecraft doesn't depend on graphics because the gameplay handles everything and that's their goal to make it look retro. That's my reason.

  • To a certain extent, yes.

    To me, the most important things in a game are (in order of most to least) music, story/characters, gameplay, and graphics. The reason I say they matter even though they're the least important thing on my list is because I have played games with such bad graphics, I couldn't actually tell what I was doing. Granted, this anonymous game would have still been bad if the graphics were better (due to being a flop in the other categories), but at least I could tell what all the items were, and it would be slightly playable.

  • Graphics are an important element to a game... But in a different way

    Graphics are an important element to a game. They don't determine whether or not a given game is worthless or not, but they certainly help the experience if done well and can immerse players into the experience.
    When thinking of great graphics, I actually like to refer to two of my all-time favorite games- Legend of Zelda Wind Waker and Okami. Graphically speaking, these games hold up incredibly well by being built around artistic graphical styles that manage to look beautiful and timeless.

  • Story matters people

    Sure graphics good add on to video games now, but think about the old Mario games that had pixel graphics, it was one of the most popular games back and the story was the BEST. A dragon kidnaps the princess and you have to save her, that is like a lot of the games today. STORY MATTERS.

  • The story matters too guys!

    Of course everyone likes good graphics in video games, even I do. But what about the games in the past on 8 bit and 16 bit consoles like the super Nintendo or the Sega genesis. Those gamers didn't have the choice about good graphics, proving that a video game can still be good even with not so smooth graphics.

  • Animations and Engine

    Okay so everybody thinks of textures or physics when he-she hears "graphics",and i have to admit that i actually do care a little about graphics but seriously i am not watching it all the time,its nice to have a realistic looking game but,i care about animations not TEXTURES or RESOLUTIONS

  • Freaking borderlands people

    If there is one thing i learned have game-play over graphics would you rather have a realistic piece of crap or a blocky side scroller that you can play over and over and over again. They matter but not as much as you would expect we can all learn something from borderlands people GAMEPLAY OVER GRAPHICS!!!!

  • Graphics isn't everything

    I like good graphics games like anyone else. Although, we can't deny that a good story and game play are important as well. The most famous games of all time didn't have top notch graphics yet we still enjoyed them, and still do. We cant deny mario kart, chrono trigger, old final fantasies were great games with bad graphics. Graphics do matter, not all the time though. Some games have great graphics but are rated really badly ( mirrors edge, AC2, def jam:icon)

  • I don't think so.

    Yes, I admit, the Atari's quality is definitely questionable. But some of the greatest classic games out there didn't have the best graphics in the world. I also admit that I like a bit of good scenery porn in video games (such as the views you can get in Skyrim.) But not just the graphics matter. I see them more as a 'bonus' than a necessity.

    Banjo Kazooie, for instance. For its time, it was amazing. I know nowadays, kids would be saying 'Ugh, look at those graphics, gross!' But it had an amazing story, good controls, the characters were awesome, and a great soundtrack. The same goes for Ocarina of Time, with being able to count the polygons. Super Mario 64 could be considered that too, but that was still fun.

    The old classic Mario games, Wizards and Warriors, Castlevania. They didn't start as high-res visually amazing games, but they were still good, and fun to play. Even OFF, made in 2007. I wouldn't call it High-res or visually amazing either, but the story grabs you. The older games like Pong and Pacman. Sure they didn't really have a story, but that wasn't to say they weren't good or fun. They were.

    As Is say, I see graphics as a bonus more than a necessary add-on.

  • Gameplay is more important

    Graphics do help make video games better, but that doesn't make them good. As long as the game is fun, that's really all it needs. Just look at fortnite, mario, minecraft and SSB the graphics aren't the best but the gameplay is solid and fun and that is all that matters.

  • Graphics are good but good story and gameplay will make it better

    Yes, i want video games with good graphics like Battlefield 1, COD WW2, etc. But we really need a good storyline and good gameplay so we feel the character looks life and it can also make us feel the story And most importantly it make people always want to play the game over and over again because the good storyline and gameplay.

  • Not at all

    I think the most important thing in a game is the gameplay and story and a lot of the time gameplay and story is sacrificed for better graphics which leads to a better looking game with no substance underneath the graphics. I think a low graphics game with a great story and detailed gameplay will beat a beautiful game about walking in circles.

  • They matter but not really

    Sure, if you have the choice of two version of the same game but one has way better, you would choose the better looking one, and it's normal. However, I hate it when developers focus too much on graphics. Example: Final Fantasy 7, that is now twenty years old, looked amazing back in 1997. Nowadays, the gameplay is still great, the story is still great, the music is still great, but the graphics looks so bad. In conclusion, they are important, but still one of the least important

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GeekiTheGreat says2013-05-31T13:21:40.963
This question is very generalized, is the asker asking whether or not realistic graphics matter? Or graphics at all matter? Because if he/she is asking if any form of graphics matter then of course they do because without graphics it would not be a video game, because to be a video game you need a form of video graphics, PONG for instance..