• Look at the stats

    In countries like Australia and the UK, they have a lot more gun control policies than we do in the United States. They have a lot less murder in their countries and a lot less violent assault with a deadly weapon. You can't say that gun control policies do not work.

  • No they do not.

    Over all gun control policies and politics do not make society safer. If someone really wants to hurt someone they will find a way to do it. If they can't get a gun they will make a bomb. However, most people can find a gun on the black market no matter what laws there are.

  • Gun control does not make anyone safer

    No, I do not believe that gun control makes society any safer. In reality if a person wants to get a weapon, no amount of gun control will stop this. Criminals do not go by laws and there are other avenues of attaining a weapon then by the legal approach of buying the weapon. Most weapons that are used in crimes are not legal weapons they are those that have be secured by other means.

  • It scares the public.

    No, gun control politics does not make society safer, because gun control discussions make people nervous about the government. People cling to their guns and their religion, like Obama said, and talk that people will lose their gun rights makes them fear the government. People need to be assured that the second amendment will be taken seriously.

  • Not Safer For Society

    I do not believe gun control politics make a society safer. Particularly here in the United States, many people have read their rights and deemed that they allow them to have guns. When these same people face the possibility of losing their rights to politics and new laws it creates a class of citizen who feel they are not being treated equal. This can cause civil unrest and that does not make a safer society.

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