• Ah duh dumb boi

    Of course. If there are no guns then there are no deaths> if there are no deaths then you get shot because your annoying and if you vote no your a stupid american who deserves to rot in your hell like country> and guess what your president is a rapist

  • The chances of a school shooter coming in is fairly low

    Yea sure there have been school shootings. It could happen. But if a student carries a gun on school grounds, No matter their intention, They're 22 times more likely to shoot themselves or someone else than a school shooter or whatever. In the past thirty years, A citizen in the U. S who was carrying a gun has stopped 0 shootings. 1% of gun owners used a gun to protect themselves. It doesn't matter if guns are supposed to protect you. Chances are, They're gonna do more bad than good

  • It just might work.

    Ehhh a crazed maniac with a sawn-off entering the premises might see the sign and in the heat of the moment just see the sign and think to themselves, 'Holy shit, I'm about to kill a whole bunch of people in a *no gun zone*, This is stupid. ' We also haven't seen school shootings in areas with these signs either. Statistically, The signs have had a 100% success rate.

  • Criminals look for the path of least resistance

    Criminals are like bullies. (Well, Shooting up a school is much more severe than shaking a kid down for lunch money, But the thought process is similar). A bully is looking for the easiest path. A "gun free zone" sign is the same as a sign saying "Pacifist. Will not hit back". Criminals don't care. They are going to kill people, Do you think they care about bringing a gun into a gun free zone? It is more deterring to a criminal that a school is armed and by entering, They risk being shot, Than a sign that tells them they can do whatever the hell they want and the people inside are powerless.

  • Only for shooters.

    Yes, The idea for a gun free zone sounds good because it implies that students and others in gun free zones should be safe from being shot. Problem is, Shooters don't obey rules like that. They go in knowing that there is a good chance they will be killed in the end so the treat of being charged for carrying a weapon in a gun free zone is far from their concern. Thing is, It also assures that they will be the only ones with a gun until law enforcement eventually gets there and finds them so in the mean time, They have little to worry about.
    I am not saying that we should allow parents or especially students to be armed but I could see having some of the staff like teacher having a concealed weapon with the schools knowledge and permission. Of course they would have to pass all applicable background checks as well as any certification the school deems necessary.
    In a way, This question reminds me of a joke I heard. The comedian said that statistically, The odds of being on a plane with a bomb is 1, 000 to 1 but being on a plane that has two bombs is about a million to 1. That if you want to feel safer on the plane, Bring a bomb.

  • Lol lol lol

    This would mean that thugs would buy guns illegally and then the police couldn't bring firearms to the school
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  • Hmm? Oh, Right.

    No, They do not. Add metal detectors to schools, Or security standing outside. Metal detectors add higher security. Its not like wooden guns exist. Or wooden security. Ok that might be a thing. Baconbacon bacon bacon bacon. Pigs. Piglets. Bacon. Bacon. Bacon. Bacon bacon. Bacon. Bacon. Bacon. Bacon. Yay.

  • Gun free zones are not an effective deterrent against shootings

    Criminals don't follow the law. Labeling an area as a "gun free zone" does absolutely nothing to stop a criminal from pulling out a gun and doing whatever he or she wants with it. The only way to stop violence is to be more violent. It is the harsh reality of life. I wish we can end suffering by declaring certain place peaceful, But there will always be offenders out to disrupt the peace.

  • Nothing enforces the signs if someone is trying to do harm with a weapon do you think a sign is going to stop them

    Most school shooters have killed themselves after committing a fatal shooting in a gun free zone therefore the laws in place to punish the violation of gun free zones can't be used against the perpetrator of the crime simply because they are dead you gonna put a dead kid in juvi

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