• Of course they do.

    Law abiding people will not bring their guns in or around places that forbid them so the law does work. Problem is, Not everyone obeys the law. If your intending to kill numerous people, Would you care if they are in a gun free zone? Actually yes but that is only because you know they are likely unarmed so less chance of being stopped.
    Reminds me of something a comedian once said. They said how the odds of there being someone on a plane with a bomb is one in a thousand but being on a plane when two people have a bomb is a million to one. So if you want to improve your safety, Bring a bomb.

  • Yes they do

    A shootout will only lead to more people getting shot and the police having a hard time identifying the perpetrator.
    If it was a white man and the good guy was a white male who would the police choose?
    I won't convince you people so why don;t you test your luck and see who you hurt in the process hopefully it will be just you.

  • Criminals don't give a F**k

    The signs are useless because if there was no sign then people would be able to defend themselves against criminals but if there was a sign then all the law-abiding citizens will be defenseless against the 1 turd who brings a handgun and shoots everyone. I rest my case. Thank you

  • They don't work.

    I am liberal but however I am pro gun. Truth is: criminals disobey laws. They would just say "Fuck this sign. I am gonna shoot innocent people here anyways. Also only law enforcement would carry guns here. Less chance of my plans getting ruined. " As you can tell, It actually makes situations worse as people who want to defend themselves probably won't have any weapon.

  • A sign would basically just make things worse.

    I suppose it depends on your definition of "work".

    It allows a soon-to-be-murderer to walk into a gun-free zone to go ahead and shoot people that have no way to fight back. In the case of a school, Students AND adults would all be defenseless and resource officers would be the only ones capable of taking care of the situation.

  • Nope, It won't.

    Any other, Weapon knives and things, Will still devastate that gun free zone so it won't work. Also, It is still a huge possibility that guns may be sneaked onto the gun free zone causing catastrophic and devastating results to the families the victims and witnesses to the attack in the gun free zone. (P. S) I'm pretty young so I'm not that good at explaining.

  • No. Most of the gun shootings are at gun free zones.

    Gun free zone's don't make any sense, Because of the ignorant people, And the lack of effort people take in not shooting outsiders. According to The New York Times, "93% of gun shootings happen at gun free zones. " Which makes the safe zones, Less safe, Then the outside world, Which in my opinion, Gun free zones are a terrible thing to add, Including having to take down buildings, JUST to make things safer, Which that actually, Doesn't happen, Ever.

  • No absolutely not.

    If it would be possible to convince people or monsters around us to keep yourself on rules then earth would be so much better place to live. So, Whether a zone is gun free or not. If a person wants to go n spread violence. What's your boards can do of "GUN FREE ZONE "

  • 93% of mass shootings happen in gun free zones

    Thats all I need, Gun free zones are evil and take away our second amendement right. Case closed. Taking away guns is bad thats all, Libtards can't make a logicla arykment agaisnt guns. Because they are so stupid. ALL OF THEM. Libtards are bad and need to be banned now ok.

  • Everything is ignored

    Everyone and anyone who takes drugs or god forbid a gun to school are obviously going to ignore the sign and not give a damn. It's like telling kids not to bring a small handheld gaming device to school, But they'll bring it anyway for any reason. Even I did despite it being absolutely banned because the bus was boring. Kids who bring guns to school are going to shoot up the school, So they don't care about the sign. Kids who want to sell or use drugs at school are going to just ignore the sign.

  • No it doesn't

    It doesn't work because knife exists. If you can't use gun, Use knife instead. There are different kind of knives that are available on market. Some for cutting fruits, Some for cutting vegetables and lastly, Some for murder. As someone said, If you really want to do something, You will find a way.

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