Do gun-rights activists make it easier for criminals to own guns?

  • You're damn right it makes it easier.

    Weak gun laws (thanks to our NRA bought & paid for Republican congress) are definitely helping make it easier for criminals to get guns. It has already been proven that many of the gun crimes committed in Chicago were bought in neighboring states like Wisconsin & Indiana because of their lax laws. Add to that no restrictions on armor piercing bullets, large capacity magazines & gun show & internet loopholes that allow someone to sell their guns with no background check & no questions asked and you have a very dangerous recipe for disaster just like the one we just had in Las Vegas. The NRA does not care about saving lives. They only care about making money & for this reason, they have many innocent people's blood on their hands.

  • Yes gun control

    People keep trying to argue that criminals will get a gun if they really want one... But that's not the question. The question is, can we make it harder for them?
    Yes we certainly can. But Gun right activist and their paranoia make it harder for us to implement a functional system to do so.

  • Not only criminals but irresponsible and psychologically challenged

    Gun-right activists feel its there civic right that everyone have the ability to own a gun. First of all the second ammendment states “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free
    state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be
    infringed.” with that being said the only reason to own a gun is to rise up against a government not to give every Tom, Dick and Harry a gun to help boost some egos because they can't logically find solutions.

  • Sometimes they do

    Gun-right activists who favor no background check and no limits on gun ownership make it easier for people to get guns. Those who have easy access to guns may be more likely to get multiple guns and make a profit by selling them to criminals. If there are no limits on ownership, there are more available and accessible guns.

  • Yes, it is easier.

    Those who advocate that everyone should have a gun in their home with very little background checking or waiting time are making it easy for those with problematic histories to get one. Of course there are criminals in the street who will always have one, but we're talking about those on the edge.

  • 3d printers will make laws totally useless

    You can already use a 3d printer to print magazines and parts for firearms. With new printer media coming out all the time it won't be long before a metal equivalent media will be cheap and readily available and people will be able to print and assemble anything in their homes with NO serial numbers, what then? It won't even need to be accurate as many of these nuts are killing people at point blank range. Would like to hear from the antis their solution to 3d printers.

  • No, dishonest people will always acquire what they want dishonestly.

    Most of the people responsible for mass shootings would pass a background check. People have no answers, didn't see it coming, and these people were not hardened criminals. Gun activists want responsible people to be gun owners if they choose. Nobody wants crazies to have guns but there are a lot of them out there and they are innocent until proved guilty. As far as criminals getting guns, nothing will stop that. Even if drugs are legalized and can be bought they will still get them illegally because its cheaper. This is a morality and personal responsibility problem. We are at war people. Maybe more of us need to be ready to defend ourselves and others.

  • Lack of morality puts guns in criminal hands

    Gun-rights activists do not make it easier for criminals to own guns at all because liberal gun laws have barely been expanded since the days the amendment was written for the right to bear arms. A lack of morality is what makes a criminal what he is, not a gun itself.

  • No, gun rights activists have no affect on the ability of criminals to own guns.

    I do not believe gun-rights activists have any impact whatsoever on how easy it is for criminals to own guns. Many of the guns that criminals use were not purchased by them for criminal use. Most gang related crimes are performed with stolen guns that have had the serial numbers filed off so they cannot be traced. I believe that criminals will always be armed, regardless of any laws we enact.

  • The Deep Web

    The Deep Web is a place where you if use the right programs, not only is it almost impossible to track you, you don't need to use real currency, most websites on the deep web use something called a bit coin, the deep web is filled with black markets, you can obtain anything you wanted if you search long enough.

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