• Really?

    Any weapon is designed to cause harm. No weapon was ever designed for the sole intention of doing good. Guns are engineered by man to kill other men. Guns kill people, people kill people, guns don't do any good. As long as American civilians are able to access guns, shootings like those at Sandy Hook WILL continue to happen. Guns help the mentally insane, the educationally defunct and the emotionally disturbed (Occasionally postmen) to take their problems out on the world. They are a weapon designed in the medieval period - they should remain there.

  • Its the truth

    Whilst many people have argued that guns can be used for activities such as shooting or hunting (which are totally allowed as no one is getting harmed) Guns no doubt have a poor effect on society. The huge amount of homicidal incidents continue to anger me including the recent ones in Connecticut and Colorado. Cant people see that guns are tools of destruction. Some people think guns should be banned which is ridiculous, but guns undoubtedly have been proven to do more harm than good. History and recent statistics are good evidence to support this conclusion.

  • Yes, guns (and any weapon designed to kill people) will always do more harm than good.

    Anything designed to hurt, maim, or kill will always do more harm than good. The arms race mentality that a weapon in the hands of every law abiding citizen will somehow decrease gun related crime (or any crime for that matter) is as ridiculous as the notion that every nation having a nuclear weapon would somehow end war. Everyone buying guns for protection thinks they will somehow become a hero with Jason Bourne-like powers to take down the bad guys. The reality is that people who carry guns are far likelier to get shot – and killed – than those who are unarmed. Many of them with their own weapon.

  • Guns Cause More Harm

    Guns definitely cause more harm than good. I don't see how anyone could say otherwise. If you look at the statistics you will see how many homicides, suicides, and tragedies are cause each year by guns. This is why their has been a big push for gun control in recent years.

  • Look at the Statistics

    I think everyone is familiar with the statistic that you are more likely to harm a family member than an intruder with a gun. However, as more study can show, there are other statistics that show that private ownership of guns causes more harm than good. Yes, there are still gun crimes in other countries, however, countries without citizens owning guns have less violent crime, less murder, less accidental death, and more order overall.

  • Consequences of Guns - common sense?

    Though guns may not necessarily cause more gun violence, They make crimes or hostile interactions much more violent. A fight with a firearm is much more likely to result in death than a fight with no firearm. Additionally, Police officers are also more likely to carry guns while facing criminals with guns, Causing civilians to want to buy guns for personal safety. If a criminal happens to get their hands on a civilian's gun, Then the police will then need to obtain more guns as well - and a vicious cycle arises. Maybe a problem like this could be solved with stricter gun-control laws, And the removal of some "right-to-carry" laws, Which allow civilians, And thus possible criminals, To carry guns with them at all times.

  • People are blind and just want to be in another country

    Statistics don't lie. Wherever you get your information always double check your facts. Guns stop more violence and death then what's caused. Why aren't all you people screaming about the overweight, food, smoking, and other issues that kill far more people!? This is a joke. I have friends all over the world and they all say the same thing. Don't be fooled by your media into believing taking away your 2nd amendment right will make it a better place. It's all BS, stop idolizing others and realize what we have. Wake up people.

  • Bodacious Buns .

    We get in our own way, tripping on our feet.
    Filling up our heads too much with words too hard to speak.
    Drowning in a place, where the night can not escape,
    Commit ourselves into the depths, exposed against a page.

    Caught in a phrase, an echo in our minds,
    A flash, a flood, and it's burned into our eyes.

    I can't explain enough, and I won't let it last the night.
    I'll show you that the image is still there unseen.
    It's darkest before the light, if we shut our eyes to see
    The things that we have lost inside the lines between,

    Between the black and white, where everything goes grey,
    And everything's unsaid, undone, and the negative bleeds away
    To reveal the memory that we've waited for so long for.
    The image shifts and the acid drips down the paper to the floor.

    We're so nervous to see if we we've let too much in,
    If we were out of focus or out of frame.
    I know it's a moment of truth, if a recollection captured reality,
    Or if it's lost forever.

    I can't explain enough. I won't let it last.
    If you know the band then i love you

  • Deez nuts nuts

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  • Gun don't kill, people do

    Protection is a major reason that gun owners give for having a weapon, safety also is a top concern among those in non-gun households who express discomfort with having a gun in their home. Among those in non-gun households who would be uncomfortable having a gun, 39% say the reason they would be uncomfortable is the risk of an accident, including 29% who specifically mention concerns about children. Another 22% have more general concerns about the dangers posed by guns or gun safety.

  • People can adapt

    Guns are instrument that are capable to kill people, however even cars and calipers care dangerous if used wrong. In all those country where guns are absolutely prohibited the criminals would use knifes and clubs. You want to feel safe? Then act in a smart way, Don't go to dangerous place, don't start a fight with people and don't make others feel threatened. There ARE mentally ill people, but guess what? Why are they not in a hospital? You want to not allow them to buy guns? I'm with you! Those countries where people say are safe and so on, are not ONLY because there are not many guns for the citizen. But because they have a different mentallity, they have a different cultur and like in Lisbon there are lots of policemen patrolling with their shotgun and submachinegun in their hand THREATENING everyone that they are there to stop the criminals.
    Till now I'm just saying that the guns CAN be bad, but it all depends with a lot of other factors. If you have a gun you shouldn't start to fire at the slightless danger, but if possible you threatening the offender to back off and leave you in peace! And they DO NOT make statistics like this one, or at least not from what i know.
    You can say that in the US the guns are relatively good thing, because thank to them the US got out from his crisis before the Second World War. Because of that the US have so much money! Because of that the US is a strong country nowadays. Because of guns that are 'exhibited' by the police from some countries that their cities are safer!
    By the way, I'm not american, and I'm displeased by how the US military are everywhere. But the guns DID help them a lot.
    I live in Italy, and i don't feel safer without a gun, because criminals are more likely to buy guns if needed, because they ARE criminals, and what's the problem for them to break one or two more laws? Even so i would like to have legally a peper spray or things like that which would help me gain some distances or time. But guess what, they are illegal ;D

  • This isn't even a question

    Guns are used hundreds of thousands of times every year in self defense. Tens of thousands of rapes and sexual assaults are prevented and even more lives and personal property. Anyone with any basic knowledge of firearm statistics would absolutely see them as a benefit. People say that firearms cause 30,000 plus deaths a year. This is a major fallacy because 20,000 of these are suicides and 2/3's of the remaining deaths are gang or drug related, so what is the real problem?

  • I think guns are cool

    I think Their are millions of gun owners in this country. And they dont shoot or kill anyone. Yes there are a few idiots out there that do shoot and cause havoc. But each day millions of crimes and killings are stopped simply because a law abiding citizen stops them using a gun.Guns aren't the dangerous part. Obviously none of you have any education on guns. If guns kill people do pencils misspell words? .1 % guns in the world are used for crime. Guns are used for self defense reasons 4 times more often than they are used for the bad reasons. Now I think that safety courses should be required for anyone who owns a gun. That would prevent a lot of accidental deaths and keep people safe. There are psychos out there and even if guns were banned they could still get their hands on a gun or another lethal weapon. It would not be all that hard. If they really want to harm people they will. Also it has been proven that in places where it is legal to conceal a weapon there are lower crime rates. Plus you never hear the good that comes from guns you only hear the bad. Like there would have been another movie theater shooting if a women hadn't pulled out her gun and shot the guy before he could get any shots off. Never heard the news talk about that did you. The media is in control of this country not the people.

  • Logic and human psychology say no.

    Let me set up a situation for you. You are someone who has murder on their mind and you're in a large group of people. When would you be more likely to strike?

    A. When everyone around you has a gun.

    B. When there's not a gun in a one mile radius.

    Enough said.

  • Pencils mispell words

    If guns kill people then pencils must mispell words. Thats only logical. To all you gun control nuts, ask yourself, how did prohibition work out? People dont need alcohol, made it illegal, what happened? Same argument for guns. Every weekend 20 more blacks are killed in chiraq and no one cares. Black lives dont matter, at least not to black people. Oh wait... If only it was illegal to shoot someone. God forbid it was a hate crime. Im sure their parents of the dead are glad to know. Like that makes a difference

  • No I live for something!

    If you are in a bad situation what are you gonna do? I know you can call 911 but would you rather risk those few minutes before they get there or rather have a chance at life? I don't know about you but I will not allow people to take my rights away for my safety!!!

  • What did they do to us?

    Unless this question is asking about hunting, which is a very popular and relaxing sport for those who practice it, I am not one to be a fan of killing animals. I tend to ask myself the question, what did they ever do to me to deserve to die? Not to mention, people who do it just for fun.

  • One instant from all of time

    Many time guns have prevented harm. Every day the are doing the same the military and police officers are stopping crime with guns. This year a woman may have saved the lives of 13 woman from robbery attempt all because she was brave enough to stand up with her gun.

  • Guns prevent the worst

    Many people in the world use guns as a tool in life. And by the way guns are the thing that protect u when you don't even know it. Gun are used in defense, guess what, it was what kill the most dangerous people in the world. Guns prevent what your kids would be in if the war was still on

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