• Yes, Guns Can Kill People.

    Ok, maybe not, at least technically. Of course, people do the actual killing, but, guns make it so much easier. I semi believe in the 2nd amendment. We Americans should have the right to bear arms. But what type of firepower is really appropriate for the average American trying to protect himself and family? Certainly not assault rifles, such as the M-16. Some experts say it was built for maximum carnage, others say its actually relatively safe, and not as bad as people claim it to be. But really, when you're trying to defend yourself against, say, a home invader, a handgun would do just fine. There is absolutely no reason for any type of assault rifle to be legal for purchase. They are the mass murderer's best friend for a reason. But what about, shotguns, rifles, and handguns? Well, I'm fine with shotguns and rifles as they are primarily used for hunting, a recreational sport. Besides they aren't used a lot in killings. That leaves handguns. As I live in the Chicago area, I hear a lot about the issue. The main culprit for inner city shootings is always the handgun. Every single day, multiple people are killed on the South side, and its really sad that it's just become another usual on the nightly news. Especially when a majority of the victims weren't even the intended victims! I've heard about so many kids being shot and killed by a stray bullet, when they were in their own homes! And many times it's a simple case of mistaken identity, where someone looks like the intended target and gets shot in his/her place, having done nothing wrong whatsoever. So as to handguns, they are extremely deadly and horribly misused. But they are practical, unlike assault rifles. Therefore, they should not be outlawed, but something has to be done to combat the constant killings caused by this weapon. I believe there should be strict, airtight background checks for handguns. There is no reason for background checks to not be in place. They would not solve the problem. There will always, no matter what, be killings via guns. But it would dramatically decrease the gun ownership to those who will almost certainly abuse the privilege of owning a deadly force.

  • Guns are very deadly.

    Sure there are many ways of killing people but none are as accurate and deadly as a gun. Other forms of murder are less likely to instantly kill therefore give us a chance to save them. Guns allow impulsive killing. In countries with less guns there are less murders. In Australia we have very few guns and thousands of times less murders.

  • Okay. Listen Up.

    Guns are evil and kill people. I personally have heard of a gun being used before. It was pretty bad and I really didn't like it. If he didn't have the gun, he could've killed them a different way. Sure, he still would've died but he wouldn't be killed WITH A GUN!

  • Your dumb if you thing Guns don't kill people

    I am not going to go into statistics and explain the motion and the mechanics of a gun, but instead just say that saying guns don't kill people is a really dumb argument. Also watch this video.

    Also there are people who are killed by guns accidentally. All too often people point their gun at someone and pull the trigger and there happened to be a round in the gun. I bet the little one year child, Braylon, who was accidentally killed by another child in Cleveland was not a person killing a person, but rather a gun killing a baby! You gun activist are the reason for so many gun related deaths in the US.

    Also I think our Founding Fathers would be appalled at how many guns the US now has. If they could have predicted the mass murders and shootings that happen everyday in the US, I bet they would have thought twice about giving us the right to bear arms.

  • I'm all for responsible, mentally stable, law abiding citizens owning guns but guns absolutely kill people.

    Guns absolutely kill people. That's the whole reason they were designed right? The argument that guns don't kill people is ridiculous. In the cases of Columbine, VT, or Sandy Hook there is no other weapon out there that would kill that many people and be that effective. Obviously a gun needs a person to operate it. While that person did kill another person the gun did as well. I think people should be allowed to have guns but the million dollar question is how do we keep guns from bad people while not taking them away from responsible people.

  • Yes they do

    Guns DO kill people because it is the one they makes you succumb to the action. However, people make it happen, but what atchually kills you in the end is the gun and the bullet. The finger pulls the trigger, but the bullet kills you in the end. So you have to look at it the way people DO play a part in it, but its really the gun.

  • What are guns used for?

    In my opinion guns are a tool.. That man created to kill.. Either for protection, food, or other reasons. Guns simply are for killing, they don't build houses or anything.. So it doesn't matter what kills, it's the fact that's its killing.. So I say the person kills but the gun is a tool more evil than money. People used that to kill. But the money doesn't kill but it's still the source. The gun is the source of the shootings and killings that is used when your afraid or have overcome the fear of killing.

  • Yes, people do the Killing.

    People are the ones that pull the trigger, and have the will to kill. They just have a bullet do the actual killing. A bullet is what punctures the body, and stops the nervous system. I do not argue about which has the will to kill. That is obvious. Humans use guns as a means of murder. But, the bullet is what damages the body so terribly, that they die.

  • Yes, guns are a deadly force.

    Guns are a deadly force and need to be regulated and controlled. Yes, I realize a human is the one who pulls the trigger on the gun, but the gun is such a dangerous thing and ought to be tightly controlled. In some instances, guns go off when someone mishandles it, and it results in a deadly situation most times.

  • Guns are the means of killing

    Yes I know that guns can not walk around shooting people, but that being said, people would have an awfully hard time committing gun crimes WITHOUT A GUN. Adam Lanza would not have been able to do what he did if he didn't have access to automatic firearms. Without guns, you cannot commit gun crimes can you.

  • It's in the First Amendment

    Our forefathers made it a right for us to legally have and carry guns so that our nation does not become too powerful and overexert its right of control on the people. If we didn't have guns we wouldn't be standing up for our democracy and wouldn't be able to protect ourselves (if there were ever a need) against an over- controlling, corrupt, government.
    Hunting, and protecting ourselves out in the wild is another reason, because against an angry bobcat, you're not going to use a knife to defend yourself, you're going to use a gun that you can shoot in the air to try and scare the animal away or kill the animal before it kills you.

  • No they Don't.

    Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Guns don't control themselves the people do. I agree outlawing assault weapons, but taking handguns, deer rifles, and shotguns is not necessary. We don't really need assault weapons, but we do need deer rifles, shotguns, and handguns. If someone breaks in a house we need a handgun. If we go turkey hunting we need a shotgun. If we go deer hunting we need a deer rifle.

  • No, guns don't kill people, people kill people

    Guns don't kill people just like pencils do not misspell the words on your paper. Guns do not load themselves with bullets. Guns do not aim their barrel at a target, and guns do not fire the trigger. It is all a person's doing. People kill people, guns are just an accessory.

  • Guns Do Not Fire Themselves

    By themselves, guns absolutely don't kill people. You need a person to pull the trigger. However, this line of thinking falls right into the NRA's line of thinking. There needs to be tighter regulations on the sale and ownership of firearms. They are dangerous when they fall into the wrong hands.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Guns are for protection

    Im moving up to nh where there are bears, and moose. I have to have a gun to protect myself. And im a good person so im not going to go shoot people. Its the bad people who use a gun for killings. If we take away peoples right to own a gun, ill stand up for myself cuz i need to protect myself.

  • Guns do NOT kill people. People kill People.

    It's the person behind the gun that *pulls the trigger* that kills people. People kill people. If this is the fact that guns kill people then knifes do and so does hammers, and anything that could be used to kill someone. I think this argument need to be done and people need to relise that GUNS do NOT kill people. People kill people!

  • Guns do not kill people.

    It's the person behind the gun that *pulls the trigger* that kills people. People kill people. If this is the fact that guns kill people then knifes do and so does hammers, and anything that could be used to kill someone. I think this argument need to be done and people need to realise that GUNS do NOT kill people. People kill people!

  • If there were no people there would be no killing of people.

    Next it will be knives, then forks, then spoons and rope and anything that can kill. And in the hands of a a trained person almost anything will work. If a person wants to kill he will find a way. He will use a plane if available. It is as simple as control. There are people who want control of others. Why is it that only recently people have gone crazy over this issue? Because politics have become so heated and control of people is what has fanned the flames.

  • People Kill People

    Stupid people kill people. It's not the guns fault that it was pointed at someone and killed him/her. Stupid people should not be allowed to own guns. If you are/were in jail, have a criminal record, or tried to commit suicide, YOU DO NOT DESERVE THE RIGHTS TO OWN A GUN! People are so stupid and can't take the responsibilities of their actions. They are so sorry that they have to blame something else for THEIR mistake. You say guns kill people. So do pencils misspell words? Do spoons make people fat? Are you going to blame a pencil for YOUR mistake? Are you going to blame a spoon for you lack of responsibility of controlling yourself from eating? You say that you don't need guns because you have the police. So you don't need a fire extinguisher in your house because you have the fire department? What if your house burns? Who are you going to blame? You or the fire department? I believe in the right to bear arms. I want to be able to protect myself. People say that criminals are still going to have guns no matter what. Well if you can protect yourself then you can stop the criminals from breaking in and stealing. Think about it. Would you break into a house knowing the owners had guns for their protection? No, you wouldn't.

  • Guns do not kill. People use guns to kill like they use knives and swords yet knives can be bought.

    A gun lying on the ground will not do anything other than stay there. Guns are tools used in wars and hunting. Yes guns are deadly weapons but they are not used to kill others unless some maniac grabs a gun and shoots 28 people including himself. There are guns used to do target shooting and for home defense. If I had a standard pump-action shotgun and a maniac came to my house armed with an illegal gun such as an AK-47 I would be unable to stop him and I would be dead. Guns that look scary such as an AR-15, which are banned for sale in CT, are just as deadly as a pump-action shotgun which people can buy with a standard gun license. A gun that scares me is a gun that is pointed at me and it can be any gun that was ever made. A gun not pointed at me doesn't scare me at all. So if states like CT want to ban AR-15's they might as well ban every gun on the face of the earth because every gun is deadly.

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