• Yes cause i have a gun in my home and i feel very protected.

    Yes, guns make us more safe. That is because there are already millions in the system. You can bet hardened crooks will have guns. Citizens have the right to bear arms according to the second amendment and as long as good citizens can also have guns, they can defend themselves against the bad guys. There is no way to take away the gun.

  • They make us more safe

    The thing is people see guns as a danger to our communty and our country because they have killed people but they have also stopped threats of criminals and kept america safe and it is in the constitution that we have a right to bear arms and people need to ralize they arent a danger if used like a tool not a toy

  • They make us safer

    Hi I am alan I am also a gun owner and recently a man broke into our home on the moon and tried to rob us. Luckily I had my gun under my bed and as soon as the robber came into our bedroom I shot him and he fell. This is also fake btw

  • My gun has saved my family from a home invasion

    In the living room with my wife and 8 month old son, the back door breaks open. I rush my wife up stairs with our soon. Make sure shes locked in the bedroom and is secure. I grab my Ar15, inserted a magazine and chambered a round. I stood on the top of the stairs as I heard a gunshot and yelling "Come out or we will kill you". I could hear other men taking our appliances and any other valuables they could find. I soon saw the gun wielding intruder and i soon eliminated the threat after he barged in and fired a shot and started stealing from me. I also have a GoPro system mounted to by barrel just so everyone knows what happened. So dont try to tell me I cant have a gun. Mine has kept my family and I alive and therefore I will always have it with me.

  • Guns make us more safe.

    Guns will never be taken away from criminals. Even if there were a gun ban do you really believe criminals would turn their guns in? If gun control is so great, then why is Chicago so dangerous? Also Washington D.C? Most people have an irrational fear of guns and fail to remember that a gun is an inanimate object and cannot kill on its own. It requires an operator in order to function.

  • Statistical Evidence From Harvard
    You can not argue with statistical evidence. This study from Harvard clearly proves that more guns does not cause more murder. If guns kill people, pencils misspell words, cars drive drunk, and spoons make people fat. Its not about the guns, It is about the people behind the guns.

  • I don't know

    If people have noticed over the past few years their have been a lot more school shootings and other stuff like that. Gun control laws are also coming. As these gun control laws continue to grow so do the amount of school shootings. The guns that criminals receive don't come from stores. The criminals get them off of the streets. Guns don't actually kill that many people, but the numbers are growing. Their are far more deaths from car crashes and other dangerous equipment. I see no reason for hunters to be penalized for the reactions of others.

  • Guns make us more safe!

    Yes, guns make us more safe. That is because there are already millions in the system. You can bet hardened crooks will have guns. Citizens have the right to bear arms according to the second amendment and as long as good citizens can also have guns, they can defend themselves against the bad guys. There is no way to take away the gun.

  • No more guns

    It is clear that there has been a lots of shooting over the years and they killed a lots of people, and it is because regular peoples have guns which is a problem if regular people didn't have guns then there wouldn't be any shooting or any people dying. Firstly 57% of people wants more guns and 43% don’t want guns, so more people want guns which is not good because there is 270 million to 310 million guns in the United States

  • Guns? Sure. Gun control? Necessary.

    Let me just take up a small argument I've seen floating around : guns don't kill people, people kill people.

    If so, giving these people the weapons to do harm is wrong, no?

    If society is that corrupt, then most people would agree giving it weapons is not a good idea, no? Immediate removal of all firearms is, in my opinion, not an outcome the US can expect. Rather, gun regulation and control are the more probable option.
    By gun control and regulation I mean background checks, rules for ownership that 'get with the times' (ie aren't stuck in the 1700's). This can be coupling the limiting gun use to certain ranges and parks with the criminalization of guns in public places. This does not stop you from having guns at home, or using them for recreation, but it does stop mass shootings.
    As well, eliminating the use of more offensive weapons, checking mental welfare of owners is a way to ensure safety of citizens from said ‘ harmful people’ until gun control is complete.

    We are not in a state of imminent threat from invaders. Toddlers are killing more than terrorists in the US these days (https://www.Washingtonpost.Com/news/wonk/wp/2015/10/14/people-are-getting-shot-by-toddlers-on-a-weekly-basis-this-year/?Tid=a_inl&utm_term=.E6dc211c1056) for lack of regulation and control.

    Don't take away something that America was based on, but recognize that times have changed and perhaps making it law to keep guns out of murderers, mentally unstable and children's reach is a good idea.

  • More cars means more car related accidents & deaths. Fewer cars means fewer car related accidents & deaths. Same for guns.

    Guns manufacturers are not concerned with public safety, they are not in the business because they care about keeping you safe. They are in business to make money. They tell you you have a right to own guns and that it will increase your safety, of course they are preying on your fear and only care about making money. Those who want stricter gun laws or to strike down the second amendment and make guns illegal for all citizens and residents of the U.S., like me, don't have an agenda and have no monetary gain. We only want true safety. More guns means more gun related deaths, fewer guns means fewer gun related deaths. It's common sense. If you want to be safe, get guard dogs, buy a good home security system or walk around with bullet resistant armor. These things improve safety, not guns. If you live in a bad neighborhood where everyone has illegal guns, move away if it's possible.

  • Guns Give Some People Peace of Mind

    I do not believe guns make us safer. I believe there are people who prefer to have a firearm just in case they need to protect themselves, but overall that persons actions, if threatened will determine rather or not the firearm made them safer or not. Guns are not inherently bad or good, it just depends on who is holding it.

  • Data show guns make us less safe, on aggregate

    If you fear a home invasion, get a dog. If you fear mass shooters, work to ban the most dangerous weapons and for a mental-health safety net. For every attacker shot and killed in self-defense, 130 Americans are killed by guns for other reasons. There is a dearth of data to answer these questions definitively, and on a nationwide basis. Why? The NRA and its congressional lackeys have suppressed funding of research by the CDCs and others. But some of this is common sense. If you think about it, home invasions and attacks by strangers on the street are rare. Distraught teens? Fighting spouses? Defective products? Curious kids who play with things they should stay away from? Not so rare.

  • No, they don't

    Guns are designed to kill, they don't make people safer. We have so many in circulation now that we've botched this to a point banning them won't work, but it doesn't make the "we need more guns" sentiment any more idiotic. They are a tool constantly used for evil and sparingly used to prevent it, they are not a good thing.

  • No, at least not by the sheer act of existing.

    A gun is a tool, and like any tool, it is up to the person using it to decide how it will be used. A "bad guy" with a gun does not make anybody any safer, surely. Some can argue that a "good guy" with a gun would make us safer, but really, who defines what a "good guy" is? Is it the police? The government? Johnny from down the street? Guns themselves should not be the focus of debate, it should be the people that use them for unsafe reasons.

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