• A woman should have a gun, And learn how to use it

    Your attacker can't use your gun against you if they're dead. You don't brandish a firearm. As with police involved shootings, You draw and fire. Just pointing a gun at someone is just illegal. If you weren't in enough fear to fire, Then you shouldn't have pulled the weapon. If you aren't going to fire the weapon, Don't pull it out.

  • Of course guns make women safer

    Since there is a lack of constructive arguments on the con side, I'm going to answer a question with a question;

    If you were a rapist (since we're talking about women here), and you were going to rape a woman, would you continue trying to rape her if she pulled out a Glock 19?

  • Guns make women safer.

    Guns make women safer. Anything that allows women to be able to protect themselves is beneficial to their safety. I think more women should be trained on how to use guns for protection and be able to carry them. I am all for anything that provides personal safety to anyone.

  • Guns alone do not make women safer

    Any gun owner, male or female needs to know hot to correctly use and properly care for a gun. Just having a gun does not make women safer. Having a gun, knowing how to use it, combined with having personal defense training would make women safer. Just having the defense training may be more effective than owning a gun.

  • Guns Always Make It More Dangerous

    Adding guns into any situation ups the ante that someone will get shot, injured, or die. Women are not necessarily safer if they or their partners have guns. There are no studies that show that having a gun makes a situation safer for women. It is better to have pepper spray or self defense skills.

  • Guns do not make women safer. In most cases, guns do not make anyone safer.

    Guns are not the best choice to insure personal safety for women. They are inherently dangerous; too many things can go wrong when someone attempts to use a gun. Women need to be more aware of their surroundings, learn self-defense techniques, and arm themselves with mace or pepper spray. The old adage remains true, "The best defense is a good offense."

  • Gun Don't Make Anyone Safer

    Guns do not, and will not, make women safer. Adding guns to any situation will only make the potential for violence and injury greater. If a women is carrying a gun for self-defense, she may actually create a situation where she is arming her attacker if they are able to take it from her.

  • No not really.

    Having a gun can not make someone safer unless they know how to use it properly and are trained in it. Having the gun without proper knowledge could lead to more issues and less safety than actually solving the problems are giving them a safe alternative when being alone at certain times.

  • Guns Don't Make Women Safer

    Unless a women is trained in combat or rigorous self defense skills, giving her a gun will not necessarily make her any safer. Remember that anything you have access to, your attacker might also have access to. So adding a gun into a dangerous situation wouldn't make it any less dangerous.

  • No not necessarily

    Guy with gun boom woman dead. Women with with empty gun boom dead. Untrained woman with gun boom dead. Woman running with gun boom dead. Woman with gun gets spotted by gang member with a gun boom dead. Woman with gun and horde of infinite zombies boom dead. Women with gun and depressed boom dead. Yeah guns make women safe(not), the title is too vague a guy can have a gun and shoot a woman, there was a gun and a woman the woman died. Guns aren't going to go up to a woman like" hey baby come with me I got yo back" guns can't protect you by themselves. Zombie apocalypse you spent 1000 credits on the mystery box *jingle music* boom a gun you fire it at the zombies realizing its empty; it is indeed a gun and you are indeed a woman did it make you safer? Ask the unscathed zombie horde that is laughing at the idiot who thought a piece of metal could keep them safe. Be more specific next time

  • Sad, but true.

    Obviously, I am not a woman, but I have heard several woman claim that during certain times of the night, and especially in circumstances, they do feel much safer when they carry around a gun. The unfortunate truth is, a lot of women DO carry around guns without a permit.

  • No a gun makes nothing safer

    A gun does not make women safer. If someone wants to attack a women they are going to do so. If the women has a gun it makes things more violent and more unpredictable. The woman does have a right to protect herself and can have a gun if she chooses but it will not make her safer.

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