• How else to defend ourselves from guns?

    Yes, of course they protect my home! Without a gun, how could I possibly defend myself and my family from a man with a gun? A kitchen knife? It is unfathomable to be able to successfully defend myself without at least the same weapon as the assailant.
    Besides, guns can help my not only in protecting my family from outside threats, but also from the inside! What if my child disrupts the peace of my family be locking their door? What if everyone in the house starts being rebellious and starts killing each other? Guns are good not only in defending myself physically, but psychologically. Guns sure come in handy when you need to bust open your child's door, and you can even frighten them too, so they'll never misbehave again, preserving the peace of the household.

  • Guns can protect

    Guns can and have protected people and their property since the founding of the US, and it seems silly to argue that a gun can't protect a home. The main issue with guns in the home is irresponsible people with poor gun safety education and accidental discharges, something that would not happen with proper education.

  • Guns save lives

    Would you rather be armed with a telephone so you can tell the police to wrap your dead body up in a bag when they get there?

    If guns are "unnecessary" in home defense, then why do we need smoke detectors and fire extinguishers?

    According to liberal logic, "If a fire starts in your house, call the Fire Department, and don't worry about trying to put the fire out yourself."

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