• Guns Protect and Save Lives

    Studies show, that the mere thought of a victim carrying a gun deters criminals from acting.
    Think logically... If you were going to break into a house, and you found out the owner has a gun, would that not deter you from breaking into the house?! If not, motivate you to break into a different house.

  • For 1 country gun is more importent then solder

    If one country have a good guns its means it also have a protection if a country does not have a gun with out gun how there soulder will save the nation with out gun country is like a purson without mony home family how he will spend his life every one will lopk him in bad eyes.... Muzammil kakar

  • They save lives

    It's simple. Guns save more lives than they take. Any logical person could see that. A nation without guns is a nation without protection. Liberals rip on police all of the time and say that all police are ruthless, racist, pig-headed jerks and then turn around and say that we don't need guns because we have police.

  • Yes of course

    Guns were made to save peoples lives no sane person would ever want to kill a person but every sane person would want to save someone with a gun. If there were no guns then the world would be way more dangerous nobody to protect you from anything there are still a ton of different weapons available to this world.

  • Yes, of course.

    Home invasions are my biggest fear. A group of people just bombard into your house at any given moment and shoot everyone in an attempt to have them killed. Where was your gun in this case that could have stopped them and saved you and your family? Oh yeah, that's right, it was in the hands of radical democrats and a few of a bit too moderate republicans. This is the most realistic case of any event that I can think of where a gun could be so important. Hopefully this will silence any opponents of gun rights.

  • Yes, you just don't hear about it.

    It's only news if someone dies, not if someone saves themselves. The media doesn't want you knowing how often it happens so more people will want to ban guns. It's also unlikely for someone to go after someone if they went through protecting themselves with a gun because why stress yourself out that much? There's just no real database to add statistics to how many people protect themselves with guns, if there were it would be a large number.

  • Who attacks someone if they know the other person probably has a gun?

    Its a proven fact my class just learned about in Criminal Justice class. It is proven that in areas where guns aren't restricted, there is less crime. When they are restricted there is more crime, because no one can protect themselves. The presence of a gun is a great deterrence, and not only does it deter criminals, it makes the people with guns feel safer. Being in the military, I feel a lot safer trying to stop someone with a gun by my side than having nothing with me. End result is guns do save lives, but people don't hear about that. They just hear about the ones that were used in violence. Imagine if someone at the Aurora Theater had one with them. That could have saved a lot more lives than were taken. Same with the incident in Newtown. If someone other than the shooter would have had one, a lot less things would have happened.

  • yes they do

    Guns save more people than they take. The people who use guns for good should not be at fault for the people who abuse thier 2nd admendment right by using the guns for illegal purposes like to commit murder theft n rapes to harm innocent people who just want to go by thier days minding thier own businesses and go home to thier loved ones

  • I believe that guns should be judged by the shooter and not by the history of the object itself.

    I've seen a lot and heard a lot through the web, television and radio. Sure, the gun is meant to take lives, but isn't it supposed to be judged the person carrying it and not the inanimate object itself? Yes, the guns are deadly. One shot to the head and it's all over. You work to get your job, your money, family and everything is lost, but that doesn't make the gun bad. The gun is just a tool to spread the ideals and thoughts of the person pulling the trigger, just like how the bow and arrow was used to defend cities and swords where for hunting. Guns are our tools and I propose that we train young people to think before they pull the trigger.

  • No gun is a good gun!

    The idea of guns being beneficial in any way is wrong. Take the recent shooting in Colorado for instance, the gun laws in America which allow people to have easy access to guns and weapons were the cause of this massacre. Guns are used ruthlessly in warfare, killing many innocent people and soldiers. There is nothing good about something which destroys lives.

    Posted by: Maud
  • No, Guns By Design Are Meant to Take Lives.

    Gun are designed to take lives. Even when using that gun to protect your family, or as an officer of the law, the person who gets shot may still die. That life still counts. Not to mention, animals count as live too, and guns are often used for hunting. Nothing is worse than when they are used just to hunt for sport.

  • No, the opposite is true.

    No, guns take more lives than they save. It would be interesting to read a professional study on how many lives guns save, because I don't think it's many. If it takes a gun to save a life, then to me that equals the taking of another life. Guns are ridiculous, unless they are used for hunting animals, and even then they are overdone in this society.

  • 283 people saved by guns, but 33,594 killed by guns.

    The gun-rights organizations often claim that guns save more lives than they take. According to the right-leaning, DailyCaller, "Gun carrying, private citizens who used firearms to stop criminal attacks saved at least 283 potential victims in a period between July 2014 and July 2015, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation analysis."

    This argument fails to consider that in that same year, 33,594 people in the U.S. died from firearms-related deaths. In the more recent Las Vegas shooting, people with guns (there were many) simply couldn't get to the killer who was shooting at them. And in the few cases where a gun was used to apprehend a perpetrator, the crime had already been committed, and people were already dead.

    If firearms were kept out of the hands of the killers before they could acquire them, the gun-related crimes wouldn't have happened in the first place, and a firefight by some gun-toting, Clint Eastwood, wannabe wouldn't be necessary.

  • More guns lead to more gun deaths.

    If guns save lives why do we have a higher murder rate than countries with far fewer guns? This stupid site says I needed to add 32 words to my simple argument to post it, now 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 3, 2, done1

  • People just like to ignore basic mathematics.

    Look at the statistics! It's simple math - there are more gun related deaths in the US than anywhere else per capita that is not experiencing civil or border war. Furthermore, more people are killed by THEIR OWN weapons during home invasions rather than as a defense mechanism. Not to mention all the added accidental shootings of family members by family members. Street police in England and New Zealand don't even carry fire arms and it seems to work for them.

  • Guns take more lives than they save.

    No, guns by design are meant to take lives. Guns are designed to take lives. Even when using that gun to protect your family, or as an officer of the law, the person who gets shot may still die. That life still counts. Not to mention, animals count as lives too, and guns are often used for hunting. Nothing is worse than when they are used just to hunt for sport.

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