Do hate crimes deserve to be met with universal public scorn and ostracizing, regardless of their extent?

  • Yes, I think hate crimes deserve to be met with universal scorn regardless of what extent.

    I think society needs to make it clear that in today's day and age we will not tolerate any form of racial discrimination in any way, I think the more clear society can make this point will discourage others from committing a hate crime when they see what happens to those that do.

  • A hate crime is unacceptable

    Yes, I believe that any hate crimes regardless of the their extent should be met with a harsh reaction. If the reaction is not harsh for minor hate crimes they will most likely develop into committing larger more dangerous hate crimes. Hate shown in any way should be frowned upon in all ways.

  • The worst excuse

    The reason there are hate crime laws on file is because most crimes are crimes of passion or are of petty vendettas or financial disagreements and so on. A hate crime, however, is explicitly a target based on race, gender, or sexual orientation, regardless of the person, and it is truly disgusting.

  • People who commit hate crimes know what they're doing and why.

    Absolutely. A hate crime is separate from a regular crime because it targets someone based on a physical or sexual attribute. It's meant to terrorize and demean more than just one person, even if it happens to only one person. People who commit hate crimes are pretty much monsters, and deserve to be treated poorly.

  • No, I do not think so.

    I do think the more serious hate crimes should be exposed and met with public scorn, but not everything has to be put in the spotlight and glared at by the fake-raged general public. Sometimes people learn from their mistakes and move on, and should not always be looked at as a hater.

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