• The Best Motivation

    I've heard it said that the best revenge is massive success. However, success only draws the haters out. They become bolder and more vocal, claiming that luck was involved. Haters remind me to never be complacent because they're always there, ready to diminish my greatness. I will not be diminished.

  • Haters are hilarious!

    Only people who matter to me can sway my feelings one way or the other with their opinion. Haters make me laugh. It's like, you have absolutely no interest in them and yet they are obsessed with you. So, yes. I feel it does make me stronger. I feel above them. Pity them even. Jealousy is a disease. Get well soon ;)

  • Not the haters themself, but the thinking about the reasons of their hatred

    Hatred is always a strong feeling, which carries in itself motives (personal or not) that colide in a incisive manner with whoever disagrees with it.
    This way, the reflexive thought about hatred and hater's actions are a possible form of improving counter arguments and learning to deal with feelings of disagreement.

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