• Only child here,

    Yes both my parents are helicopter parents, and yes I am a generally shy person, not the case for all of the children in the world with helicopter parents but I think it definitely increases the odds. Helicopter parenting is not a bad thing as long as it is used correctly. It should be used to GUIDE not control. I was controlled, much like a cattle, and I sometimes had almost no personal decisions to make. Most of the time my dad wouldn't let me wear certain things that were quite popular with other kids. Until sixth grade my outfit I would wear to school on warm days were; white tube socks, sandals, khaki shorts, tucked in shirt, belt and a bowl haircut. That was brutal...Now in High School I have more freedom but my dad is never afraid to tell me I look like trash in that outfit, even if it's just T-shirt, and sport shorts. Yes my dad is fairly old for most fathers with kids my age (pretty sure I was an accident lol). So just moderate you hovering please future parents of the world.

  • Yes they can

    I think the average helicopter parent primarily produces a child that can't handle situation by themselves because they never have had to. Mommy and daddy have handled things for them and are letting them not have input. There needs to be a line between being concerned and looking out for your kid, and being a helicopter.

  • Yes, helicopter parents aren't all that great.

    Helicopter parents keep kids from exploring, making mistakes, and learning about the world. Protecting kids from everything potentially negative makes the kids grossly unprepared for the real world and makes them afraid to try new things due to consequences that may or may not have happened. Helicopter parents make it difficult or impossible for kids to succeed on their own.

  • Yes, they do.

    When a parent is always hovering over their children and making their decisions for them and micro managing every little thing they do, they cannot develop into their own person who makes their own decisions and wind up very reliant and timid. Trust me, it happened to me, and I'm still trying to overcome it.

  • They have opportunity.

    No, helicopter parents do not produce timid children, because the children are given opportunities. People say helicopter parents like it is a bad thing. Really, a helicopter parent is only a parent who cares. They are much more likely to care about the child and put them on the right path for life.

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